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    Building a 3d city in Maya or Houdini or ?

    I need to build a 3d city for a scene in my film. Now the thought of doing it by hand seems a little daunting, as I am new to my software, which is Maya.

    Should I try and learn Houdini for this part? I have read somewhere that you can model procedurally which I understand to be, basically,letting houdini work out the bulk of modeling on your behalf...Is that correct?

    Any advice would be great, thanks.
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    I would suggest any of those:
    Blender City Engine:

    Tyson Ibeles Max plugin:

    Procedurals City Engine:

    I'm interested in the procedural creation of cities and I'm developing a Maya Plugin with the approach from Procedurals City Engine (do not have much time for it right now).

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    If you aren't too experienced, I think Houdini might not be the way to go. Sure, you can build with the procedural workflow, but there's a lot to learn to do it. In Maya on the other hand, you can probably do it faster as the tools are somewhat easier to use if you're new to it. Basically a city is just boxes with lots of insets and extrusions.
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    If you are completely new to 3D, then my guess would be the learning curve for any package is going to be high, so at this point it might make some sense to spend a little time with Houdini and see if you like it. If you like how it works, then there are some specific tutorials geared at exactly what you're trying to do, all of them at cmivfx, 2 of them (they are older tutorials so the interface looks a little different than the current version of Houdini, but 99.5% of the tutorial is still applicable) are how to build a procedural city, and then two of their latest cover how to build procedural roads. I have the city tutorials and they are fantastic!

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