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    NEED HELP: Houdini and graphic cards! getting new laptop - will 4500HD work at all?

    Hello. I'm new here. I do indie film and lately wanted to do some FX. I wanted to try Houdini and at the same time I'm planning on getting a new laptop. I definitely want a Lenovo thinkpad t400s but it has Intel4500HD graphics.
    Will Houdini not work with it at all? Or work but just poorly?
    I wanted a portable light laptop where I can work on 3d on the go and preferably Lenovo. Can you suggest either a different system or a different software that will run on 4500hd. Thanks so much. I heard the 4500hd can take as much as 512 mb ram from the sys, maybe that's enough for Houdini?
    My budget is $1600. I know the HP Envy is great performance wise but ill be taking the system on the go on shoots so I need something sturdy and durable like a thinkpad.

    Please help.

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    Still waiting for a response. Can anyone help please.... Any ideas? Inputs?

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    whe I bought my laptop I made sure it didnt have an Intel card in it as I like to work with Houdini and I read that Houdini freezes up with an Intel video card, only advice I have is dont buy it if it has an Intel card in it or built onto the motherboard. Also, I would think that a minimum of 4gb's of RAM is necessary.
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    In the past I've had trouble with Houdini and ATI cards, apparently because of poor driver support of OpenGL. Never tried with Intel graphics, but unless I knew they fully supported OpenGL, I'd feel uncomfortable buying a system that used them for Houdini.

    I've found your best bet to be nVidia - they seem to support OpenGL well enough to suit Houdini most of the time (the FX-Go5200 was an exception).

    Sorry I can't answer your question more directly.

    From the Optical Department.

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