If at some point I have some time again I would love to do another Technical Effects dvd.

The content would most likely include some of the following:
*) vops & vex: for dealing with pointclouds so you can start to use all your processors when dealing with your effects. (Like ICE in softimage)

*) Migrating from expressions to vops & vex.

*) More vector maths: specifically dealing with rotation matrices instead of simple linear interpolation.

*) The sopsolver and a lot of cool applications! (-> using sops as dynamic operators) -- Growing stuff, ripping stuff apart dynamically without breaking it first, eroding. -The typical kind of stuff that is really hard for any other application to do.

*) The popsolver as an extension of the sopsolver (usings sops and pops together to do cool stuff) -- Aggregation, anyone?

*) Feather system (perhaps as a bonus since I still have that lying around )

*) Perhaps going over my "Jam" project -but not from scratch as that was a pretty big project... but it would be good for people that want to integrate things with live action.

*) Definitely something on volumes, fluids and custom advection. (I did my MSc thesis on this and this could practically be a dvd on it's own, going deep into dops can become very extensive.)

*) Also something on rendering a lot of particles/geometry with delayed load.

*) Making some shaders for certain effects with arbitrary output variables that can be used in your comps could be useful too.

Things I want to start looking into more myself atm are:
*) crowd systems and emergent behaviour with vex.
-> A similar system like Massive that can dynamically drive IK rigs.
-> procedural rigs.
*) creating my own sandsolver in dops.
*) some CUDA programming - perhaps linked with Houdini to process lots of geometry fast. - Similar to what eetu did trying to render 400 million points.
*) mantra procedural program - generating geometry at rendertime.

I'm working full time at the moment doing mostly r&d for effects in film using houdini, but I'll try to make bits of tutorials in moments of spare time. All of the above is completely unofficial and just represents some of the kind of stuff that I have been doing during the past two years (seems like a long time since that dvd.). This does not represent 3dbuzz, although I have discussed it with Jason and he's all for another one. The first dvd has reached quite a lot of people and most people appreciated it, so hopefully during the next year I will be able to make time for it.

Anyway, to me the above is pretty cool stuff that I would like to share. It is also the kind of stuff that is generally required for becoming an fx td. I am not really too focused on matchmoving or compositing as those tasks will often be done by other specialists. An effects td should be able to make a slapcomp to test if the effect is working and know enough to provide the comper with the passes he/she wants.

I guess it would represent the next step up in terms of difficulty as I would build on top of some of the maths & expressions of the first dvd. This would not be a beginner product.

Anyway, happy holidays and I really hope to make this a reality during the coming year.