Hello all.

I'm running into some difficulty translating a MeL to Maxscript and any help is greatly appreciated. Its for DNA and a DNA untwister. There are 20 objects named "pair" from 0-20. I am trying to use the top one to modify the rotating on the others.

In MeL:

rotateY = pair20.rotateY * 0.95 --- pair20 is the object name
for ($i; $i,=19; $i++) {
float $rotY = $i * 0.05;
expression -s ("rotateY = pair20.rotateY * " + $rotY + ";") -o ("pair" + $i) -ae 1 -uc all;
---- the last line was copied and slightly changed from the "MEL listener". I know that it works in maya... I'm just stuck getting it to work in max.

I realize that this shouldn't be too hard to translate to maxscript, but I have been failing at it.