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    this is a great idea, ive always wanted to do something like this. hope my level designing and good yet expanding knowledge of kismet helps. if anyone needs me contact me either or just message me here, i check them both lots.

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    Thanks for the email contact information. Do you have Some samples for us to check out? that would be great rjmyth! thanks ! ^__^

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    yeah u want me to post em here?? not sure how to. got some ss if u like tho. ill post them up in the next few days when i get the time.

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    I am interested in joining your group as a programmer.

    I have been programming for about four years. Three of those years I used a program called Delphi (the language is Pascal). The last year I have been using C++. I am assuming that in this project you will be using C++ as well.

    I am currently learning OpenGL to use with C++. I know a little Flash ActionScript I also know the basics of PHP.

    I know about the graphic side as well, about three years of 3D Max. I am not good as an artist but I know how it works and how to use 3D Max. I also know how to use Adobe Photoshop and other Adobe programs.

    I know how to use Flash’s graphic side.

    Office package is also familiar and how to use macros and visual basic in office programs.

    I also know about computer hardware. I have built a server of my own that I am currently using (it is not a powerfull computer).

    The downside is that I never used Unreal Engine but I never had a reason to do so. I will learn Unreal Engine if necessary.

    I have a lot free time on my hands. I would try to do my best.

    Little history of my self:

    I live in Finland (so I assume we would be working over the internet), that can also be the reason why my English skill is not perfect. I do talk English quite well, if you compare my English to other Finnish people (well that’s atleast what I think).

    My whole life I have been interested in games. Since I was about three years old I played computer games. Then I started to get interested in game making.

    When I was about ten years old I created my first game with a program called Games Factory. It’s a very simple program to create games with (drag n drop).

    At first I started with graphic programs such as 3D Max, but did not find it as fun and exciting as programming.

    Finally I ended up with Delphi and then switched over to C++.

    My email is

    Thank you for reading!
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    Im so happy someones decided to make a group. I'd be happy to help. I've done some level editing/making in UT3 also I do some 3d modeling Im not very good as of late do to football taking 99.99% of my time but id be glad to help on the weekends

    Small Wip: Wip Week before football started up so I dropped it but to get the idea.

    Most recent that Wip doesn't have it.

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    Somewhere in between one job and the other.
    I'm interested. I've been working on game related art for about 8 years and traditional art for most of my life.
    My portfolio is at
    I'm best with 3d but I can do concept art and other 3d aswell.

    The only problem is that I have a full time job and a pregnant wife so I don't know how much time I'll have to devote to it.
    But I would like to stay informed about this and participate if I am able.

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    Hey dan, i was checking your portfolio and i noticed you have to work on the scale of textures a bit.Theres a wodden floor there where the pieces are huge compared to the stairs.

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    Any news on some sort of online get-together?

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    my stuff

    ok heres some examples of the work i been doing.

    tried out some cell shaded looking effects for a bonfire here. the fire is glowy and smokey.

    here is the starting area, i tried to get a good 'swampy' feel with a nice atmosphere, there are leaves blowing around too. each of the lights is some item of clothing or accessory for the player. they can wear stuff like tires around the weist or a skull on their head if they like. and also they can look at it in a mirror i made in kismet, or take it off using kismet by going to the large light area, and perhaps try something new on.

    this door is opened by completing a physicsgun puzzle. there are a few to get below the main swamp to an underground temple. each door requires you to find an object, which is given in a heiroglyphic clue when you get near the door. if you place the object on the platform the door will open for you. next puzle inside is physicsgun again, you must guide a car through a moving maze with only 3 attempts.

    last one. working on this most recently. its a kind of side view puzzle game. the first swampy map was really prcatice for this. the camera is static and follows the player around each of the rooms. puzzles include a riddle which the answer is an object you must locate, also a shadow puzzle where u gotta shine a torch at something to reveal a number on the wall. theres also a mirror here which lets you see stuff you normally wouldnt because of the static cameras.

    just a few things i been doing recently. if theres anything in kismet or using emitters you need ask and im very good at solving them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Lizard View Post
    I am glad you recognize him, I had a WIP about him all summer (seems like I made some fans !). A DT-training project, really not finished yet, still have polypainting and sculpting left to do, but I´ll keep you updated when I am back onshore.
    I've never seen your thread, I just have the same tutorial.

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