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    yeah. this was one of the most interesting things ever but people just couldnt keep at it. we were getting somewhere and then everyone else decides i dont like this therefore im out. your not barely ever gonna like what your made to create in the industry. ill still be around anyway incase anyone actually misses doin it and wants to get it going again somehow.

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    I'm really sorry to hear about this, but I guess it's only natural that when you work on something you aren't getting paid for, you have to feel passionate about it in order to stick with it. I left because I got my real job back for a while, and explained this to mincer, but already at the beginning of the project I felt like I would've left after while anyway. Not to poke a stick in the wound, but I thought it would be interesting to point out a few things that could be of benefit to other people starting a mod group. If this is inappropriate i'll ask a mod to delete it.

    First, there were just too many people around from the beginning, and it quickly became very confusing in the chatroom. Speaking from experience now, it's much easier to get into a small mod group that has already established a very simple prototype and / or has all their story down and maybe some concept art or code. This can be done with two or three people, and the teammembers who join later can adjust and contribute more easily to their vision, if it is clear and exciting (and they don't have a say in everything). Secondly, The ideas were too elaborate, and ideas were settled upon too quickly. The large group made it hard to discuss ideas properly, which meant that the story was settled by a few suggestions followed by a couple of votes to decide which was best. There has probably been a lot of discussions and fleshing out of the final idea, but it felt like the initial idea was drawn from a hat (or my unimaginative head, at the time). I do believe in mod groups, and I don't think you should give up hope that easily. There are succesful mods out there. It can be done.

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    Trust me i know how you feel. Hope you have better luck in the future

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    This group went for a little over 2 months! Seriously how can you guys give up so early?

    I'm an experienced programmer with 9 years experience, mainly with C# but I learnt C++ at uni and could easily switch back to using it. I'm actually an architect for the biggest bank in australia and efficiency and volume is of the highest standard.

    Anyway I'm planning on doing the long haul of learning Modelling, Level Design, Animation and Game Engines, and yes I'm setting aside several years for this. I'm sick of working for Banks, money aint worth it for me anymore, gonna do what I love and switch to game design.

    I'd be more than happy to help out with whatever you guys need if this picks back up again.

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