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This is the new 3dbuzz unofficial photography contest. After a bit of feedback, it seems these are wanted, so here we go again!

What are the rules?

There will be given a theme, or maybe several themes. Pictures not fitting in the theme(s) will not be valid for entry.

No photoshopping allowed, besides cropping and changing a picture to B&W or Sepia. Nothing else!

What equipment do I need?

Well, as long as it can capture light and produce an image you can share with others, be it a analog camera, digital camera or maybe a cellphone camera, you are good to go.

How do we submit the pictures?

Make a thread, and post away! Maybe even put a link here in case we miss it.

A poll will be created, and then everyone can vote on the images.

The theme

Since this is the first, I decided to go with 2 themes. And 1 picture per theme. You can post as many pictures you like, just remember to say which one is your final entry.

Weather. If you have it, you can take a picture of it, so be creative and go nuts!

Urban. Not necessarily a city, but a house, a building etc.

Seeing as there are two themes, the deadline is Wednesday 16th september. That gives you two weeks to find something to photograph.

If there are any questions, just ask here.

Let the photography commence!

You closed the competition a day early. Your first post stated the 16th of September. This is the 15th still.