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    Prefabs disappear when reload level, package problems

    I'm still new to how packages and prefabs work. I'm making a level with destructible walls, so I created the walls as static meshes, added the kismet and then saved it as a prefab. Then I went around putting all my preabs where I wanted them. I saved the meshes and the prefabs in a MyPackage package, but when I load it up it tells me it can't find the source prefabs. So what have I done wrong? Does the game not automatically load packages that assets it needs are stored in? Do I have to somehow combine the package with the level?

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    I have no idea really but I can guess. So here goes. UT3 does not have a "MyPackage" per say so if you wish that your package should be included as part of the save map. Then you need to create a package with the same name as your map. So if your map was called "Dm-MyLevel" then the package would have to be called "Dm-MyLevel". If you do this then next time you load your package will be there.

    I hope that helps.
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