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    There are plenty of online and offline locations for 3D application and texturing training. Your humble authors would like to recommend their own site, Come visit: We have hundreds of hours of free training videos available for download, as well as professional level training videos that help us pay the rent
    Really ??? Where they are ???
    I'm not a n00b..... I am The n00b

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    Quote Originally Posted by doubleL93 View Post
    Really ??? Where they are ???
    On the front page in the box that says "Video Category" would be a good place to begin. We no longer allow downloads, though. Only streaming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by meandisuck View Post
    vell for volume 1 you cancheck the table of contents here

    just click on sample content and u will see what it coveres ( too big to put on this page)

    as for book 2 there is only this for the table of contents

    volume 2 Table of Contents

    Chapter 1: Overview of Interactive Level Design
    Chapter 2: Advanced Material Construction
    Chapter 3: Working With Volumes
    Chapter 4: Physics Objects
    Chapter 5: Creating Special Effects with Particle Systems
    Chapter 6: Creating User Interfaces
    Chapter 7: Sound System
    Chapter 8: Post Process Effects
    Chapter 9: The Unreal Animation System
    Chapter 10: Creating Cinematic Sequences
    Appendix: Distributions
    Appendix: Supplemental Scripts

    and books 3 isnt there yet
    wicked thanks for that
    gonna sign up for the 3D Buzz member sponser vids when i get paid this weekend

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    Quote Originally Posted by ffejnosliw View Post
    We no longer allow downloads, though. Only streaming.
    Streaming is a kind of download if you think about it.

    Everyone wins.* Hooray!~

    *(except those with dial-up, you lose. Good day, sir.)
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