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    Thumbs up How to Export a character from 3DS Max to UT3

    Hi guys, Lately I have been chatting to people on here and I have been asked if I knew how to export character models from 3DS Max to UT3.

    So I have made a video of the first part of this exercise which is exporting from Max. Here is the link to download the video:-

    01 3DS Max skinning and exporting to .PSK files.rar - 30.18 megs - 19 mins

    02 Importing Textures & Models into UT3.rar - 35.91 megs - 24 mins

    03 Let's Make UT3 Reconise Our Character.rar - 37.03 megs - 15 mins

    The first file includes two max files and some text files too. There are no exe's so there is nothing to worry about.

    If anyone knows I am basically remaking the video that Jason Welsh made over on VEOH. I have been told that, by some, it is not available. Also I have made the rest of the videos as you can see.

    This video was made using 3DS Max v9 with service Pack 2.

    Please let me know what you guys think
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