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    Pixar may be creating a Monsters Inc. Sequel

    It seems that Pixar is readying yet another sequel to its animated lineup. According to Jim Hill Media, a sequel to Monsters Inc. is moving forward at the studio.

    The news comes out of the Licensing International Expo 2009, where Hill reports that, "though the buyers who attended these particular preview sessions were first sworn to secrecy by Disney officials, several immediately reached out to me afterwards to say how thrilled they were to learn that Pete Docter will be following up Up with a sequel to Monsters Inc."

    No plot details have emerged on the proposed sequel.

    Now this would be a sequel I wouldn't mind seeing. The Monsters Inc. world has so much potential for wacky Hijinx that I would love to see what they come up with. I can imagine scenarios where Mike and Sully get stuck in the humans world and must try to get back home, or any number of other situations.
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    mm wouldnt be my first choice for a sequel by them but i trust 'em.

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    It's much more welcome than Ice Age 3 and Shrek 4 in my view. Haven't heard from the delightful Billy Crystal in a while.

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