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    Microsoft Licensed Unreal for Project Natal

    Epic Games VP Mark Rein tells IndustryGamers about just how integral Unreal has been to Microsoft's new technology and why he's super excited about both Natal and PlayStation Motion.

    Epic VP Mark Rein noted with a grin, "I think [these technologies] will create great opportunities for us as an engine. The Paint Party game they showed and the other one [Ricochet] are both Unreal powered. Microsoft licensed Unreal Engine 3 for a whole bunch of games for that thing – you just saw the first two. We're really excited."

    "We're going to work with Microsoft and share all that stuff they added into Unreal with our partners; not just Natal, but also things like avatar integration. We were like, 'if you're developing all this stuff, do you mind if we share with all our licensees to give them a big head start?' So Natal we're just over the moon about – it's the new platform and who's the first engine on it?" he said excitedly.

    Although Epic is clearly involved with Natal from the start, Rein also said Sony's PlayStation Motion setup looked "quite cool." He added, "Again, I think that creates big opportunities. We're the biggest 3D engine on the platform, so hopefully lots of developers will want to make 3D things for that and [work with us]."

    "One thing I really like about Natal is that Microsoft put a lot of research into it. When you see Natal, it's not like EyeToy; it's not just looking for movements of things. The technology actually utilizes bones in the human skeleton. We've seen the simulation where you actually see your body on the screen – they 've got a bunch of tools for fine-tuning games and it's really a lot of research. I mean that shows just how much money Microsoft has. They had these brilliant Microsoft researchers who develop stuff for way off in the future work on this."

    Although Microsoft's Natal turns you into the controller and Sony's PlayStation Motion involves holding a wand or two in your hands, Rein envisions creating games that could be for both platforms. "I think they have slightly different characteristics, but bring it on," he said enthusiastically.
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    This is Great News, especially if they will integrate it with Unreal Tournament 3, so we can create games that use this.

    I would also love it if they integrate this to XNA, this is really exciting...

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