Gizmodo has been running updates on the new iPhone 3GS today, and it doesn't look like it's too appealing for Apple fans. Matter of fact, they have stated that there is a huge backlash from hardcore Apple fans building on several blog sites and in the comments of several news outlets.

For instance with all the fees and services, the iPhone 3GS Is going to cost you a pretty penny!

Already the 3GS is incurring fanboy wrath: An upgrade may cost you $399 for the 32GB or $299 for the 16GB—even more without contract—if you're not eligible for a new phone.

How do you qualify for the announced pricing? New customer, new line of service, presumably contract renewal, that sort of thing. Last year, people who owned iPhone Numero Uno got a shoo-in, but apparently that's not the deal now. To add insult to injury, you'll even have to pay an $18 upgrade fee to jump from 3G to 3GS.

Here's the skinny, sent straight to us from AT&T:

iPhone 3G S: Device Pricing
• iPhone 3G S will cost $199 (16GB) and $299 (32GB) for new and qualifying customers.
• If you are not currently eligible for an upgrade but still want iPhone 3G S, early upgrade prices are $399 (16GB) and $499 (32GB)
• No-commitment pricing: $599 (16GB) and $699 (32GB)

iPhone 3G: Device Pricing
• iPhone 3G will cost $99 (8GB) and, while supplies last, $149 (16GB) for new and qualifying customers.
• If you are not currently eligible for an upgrade but still want iPhone 3G, early upgrade prices are $299 (8GB) and, while supplies last, $349 (16GB)
• No-commitment pricing: $499 (8GB) and, while supplies last, $549 (16GB)

Upgrade eligibility varies with each customer, but in general, you will become eligible the longer your tenure in your service agreement. Customers can find out at or in one of our stores if they are upgrade-eligible.

not to mention the fact that AT&T is kind of screwing over the US at the moment.

There sure were a lot of fun things announced for iPhone 3.0 today! It's too bad US customers won't get to use them for a while thanks to how terrible AT&T is.

Interested in tethering? Available at some point, probably! MMS, something that's been around for literally years? Later this summer, not at launch! This includes sending videos shot by the new iPhone 3GS.

What's the deal with AT&T? How long have they had to prep for this stuff? It's not like its new or fancy technology. It's pretty tough to justify this lag in support for iPhone 3.0 features. Lets get with the program, AT&T.

So for the moment, before any of you early adopters decide to go ahead with it, make sure you know what you are getting into.