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    Many Of You Wasted Money on Your 1080p TV

    You know that old adage "If you sit too close to the TV you'll ruin your eyes?" While there isn't really evidence to support or deny that claim, there is evidence that if you sit too far away, you are wasting precious TV resolution.

    The other day I posed a simple question: How far do you sit from your TV? The results show that many of you are not getting all the definition out of your HDTV.

    As mentioned, the Lechner Distance chart illustrates that there are specific distances at which the human eye has the best chance of processing all of the detail that HDTV resolution has to offer. According to the data collected in the poll, many of you are probably sitting too far away, especially those of you who sprung for a 1080p set.

    Poll results in the 1080i/1080p group for sets under 40-inches indicated that a whopping of 60% of respondents were sitting over six feet from the screen. This is definitely too far away to see all of the detail.

    For sets between 40 and 52 inches, 43% of you are sitting over eight feet from the screen. Again, too far away to see it all.

    For sets over 52-inches, 35% are sitting between 8 and 10 feet, while 30% are sitting over 10 feet away. To put it in perspective, a 60-inch 1080p set should be about 8 feet (or closer) from you to get the full experience. Even a huge 70-inch 1080p TV should technically only be nine or so feet from your head!

    In case you haven't yet checked out the full chart at HDGuru, here are the optimal viewing distances—based on screen size—for some common-sized 1080p HDTVs:

    • 28-inch set: 3.7 feet
    • 32-inch set: 4.2 feet
    • 37-inch set: 4.8 feet
    • 40-inch set: 5.2 feet
    • 42-inch set: 5.5 feet
    • 46-inch set: 6 feet
    • 50-inch set: 6.5 feet
    • 52-inch set: 6.8 feet
    • 60-inch set: 7.8 feet
    • 63-inch set: 8.2 feet
    • 70-inch set: 9.2 feet

    So for those of you that sit too far away from the TV, Scootch that couch closer! PRESS YOUR EYEBALLS AGAINST THE SCREEN! YOU'RE WASTING PRECIOUS PIXELS!
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    Not me, I am sitting Juuuuuust right!

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    CRT FTW! Standard Def TV and movies are good enough for me. :-P
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    The problem is that nobody wants to sit that close to a TV. Lets face it, 1080p was just a gimmick so people would be really impressed when they're in the store standing 3 feet away from a TV.

    Yes, it is better. Once a movie is running I doubt most people notice.

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