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    Online Games Now $11B Of $44B Worldwide Game Market

    Analyst Colin Sebastian is estimating that online game revenue has now reached $11 billion as part of a $44 billion worldwide video game market, with 2009 as the "year the pace of change accelerated."

    With titles such as World Of Warcraft now bringing around $1 billion in revenue yearly to Activision Blizzard, it's easy to see why one of Sebastian's takeaways from E3, in a new analyst note, was: "Internet moving from sideshow to part of the main event."

    The Lazard Capital Markets analyst particularly commented of this shift:

    "With roughly one billion Internet users worldwide, the gravitational pull of the Internet is driving publishers to integrate online content and services more explicitly within and on top of traditional games.

    As consumers have already demonstrated a willingness to pay to access interactive entertainment, we believe that video games are an important part of the migration of content “into the cloud.”

    In fact, video games account for the largest portion of paid online content, well ahead of other forms of content, such as movies/video and newsprint.

    We estimate that online video games will generate more than $11 billion in revenues this year, up from $3 billion in 2005, and account for roughly 25% of industry game sales worldwide. In this respect, we continue to believe that the Internet is emerging as an important growth driver and content platform, weaving together communication, information, commerce and entertainment.
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