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    Mimetic Poly-Alloy .... Liquid Metal almost complete

    This is probably the coolest thing our researchers have ever created....THAT WILL KILL US ALL!

    Even by the standards of the Pentagon fringe science arm, this project sounds far-out: “programmable matter” that can be ordered to “self-assemble or alter their shape, perform a function and then disassemble themselves.” But researchers backed by Darpa are actually making progress on this incredible goal, Henry Kenyon at Signal magazine reports.

    One day, that could lead to “morphing aircraft and ground vehicles, uniforms that can alter themselves to be comfortable in any climate, and ’soft’ robots that flow like mercury through small openings to enter caves and bunker complexes.” A soldier could even reach into a can of unformed goop, and order up a custom-made tool or a “universal spare part.”
    Yes, you just read that.

    We are creating this.

    One team from Harvard is working on a kind of “generalized Rubik’s Cube” that can fold into all kinds of shapes. Another is trying to order large strands of synthetic DNA to bind together in a “molecular Velcro.” An MIT group is building “self-folding origami” machines that “use specialized sheets of material with built-in actuators and data. These machines use cutting-edge mathematical theorems to fold themselves into virtually any three-dimensional object.”

    The Programmable Matter project is five months into its second phase, which is supposed to wind up early next Spring. When they’re done, the researchers ought to “assemble four or five three-dimensional solids of a specific size and shape from a set of building blocks.”

    Intel, which has done a bunch of programmable matter work on its own, is looking beyond those basic steps. Way, way beyond. The malleable stuff could one day “mimic the shape and appearance of a person or object being imaged in real time, and as the originals moved, so would their replicas,” according to their website. “These 3D models would be physical entities, not holograms. You could touch them and interact with them, just as if the originals were in the room with you. ”
    Where they will decide that our fleshy pink bodies are completely stabbable and they can turn their arms into blades.
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    He he, that image is perfect...

    also Replacement limbs that can morph into any shape comes to mind...

    I would assume though that there is a limit in volume to the shapes it can take

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    Have you seen this boy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by behp View Post
    He he, that image is perfect...

    also Replacement limbs that can morph into any shape comes to mind...

    I would assume though that there is a limit in volume to the shapes it can take
    It will very likely be limited by the quantity of matter it is made up of (unless science forgot to tell us that we could just forget everything we have learned about the laws of nature)
    But also be limited in shapes by what it can make without losing its own integrity and power.

    Like all of these high tech stuff they will have to rely on some form of electrical current to maintain its shape and the more strain the part is under the more power it will use, so we will likely have to invent a new way of transferring power to these devices when they put into practical use.
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    Imagine the future for 3d int his though, we as artists create the 3d object hit a button and watch as this is created in this material in front of our eyes! :O a home made Porsche in a couple of hours i bet then there will be a few new peeps learning maya.
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