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    Left 4 Dead 2 Sparks Consumer Protest

    This is so friggin stupid.
    There is, apparently, a consumer protest of sorts bubbling up around Valve's E3 announcement of Left 4 Dead 2.

    A user group which opened within the last few days on Valve's Steam Community is actively calling for a boycott of the game and has nearly 17,000 members as I write this.

    So, what are the protesters griping about? Via Videogames Republic, here's the list:

    * Significant content for L4D1 was promised, and never delivered
    * Valve put little faith in L4D1 since they almost certainly started working on L4D2 right after release
    * The fact that L4D2 is nearly identical to L4D1 will decimate the community for both games
    * The announced date is not nearly enough time to polish content or make significant gameplay changes
    * The new character designs seem bland and unappealing so far
    * L4D2 is too bright to fit in with L4D1’s visual aesthetic
    * The fiddle-based horde music is extremely disliked, though the differently orchestrated music is otherwise welcome
    * L4D2’s release will result in a drop in quality and frequency for L4D1 content, even compared to before
    * The community has lost faith in Valve’s former reputation for commitment to their games post-release

    The group also has requests:

    # That Valve honor its commitment to release ongoing periodic content for Left 4 Dead.
    # That Left 4 Dead 2 not be released as a stand-alone, full-priced sequel but as either a free update to Left 4 Dead or an expansion with full compatibility with basic Left 4 Dead owners.
    # That Left 4 Dead owners be given discounts for Left 4 Dead 2, should it be released as premium content.

    I have no comment other then stating the obvious stupidity of this list.
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    If you don't like 2 ... don't buy it ...

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    Left 4 Dead 1 Is already EPIC, there's not much else they can do.

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    17.000 promise to boycot it then the game gets realeased they wanna play it and buy it, gotta love internet commitments

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    I don't own L4D1 but my brother and his friends do and are pissed about this new release. The key comparison concerning Valve is their support for Team Fortress 2 with free DLC that appears to have added many new things to the game. I think these protests are legitimate in their disgust over a new L4D game.

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    Think of it as 6 separate DLCs you buy in a mandatory bundle. Besides, history has shown PC games don't stay full price for long so you could always wait it out. L4D is $40 on Steam right now, a savings of $20 over the original price. 360 owners are never getting DLC from Valve so the argument on that platform is a moot. Oh and cry some more, please.

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    Well, I bought 4 licenses of the game the day it came out. I obviously thought what I was getting was worth the money back then. I would be quite happy if this came out at expansion pack prices, but I think people are getting a bit greedy asking for it for free.

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    You mean there is actually that many people playing that?

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    Hahaha. It is like EA. Lets release a new soccer09, golf09, racing09 game every year. It does not matter that the 08 release version is almost the same. Its all about the money. Too bad that Valve is going that path too.

    When L4D was released then we could see so many fan made levels. Most of them is almost finished. Every one thought that L4D will be the next counter strike. With fan made mod able guns, new maps and etc. But the Valve did not let this game to be open. These fan made levels can be played only in singel player with AI.

    I bought the because i wanted to be part of this community. I wanted new levels. But instead i get is a new game with new levels. The new game looks almost like the old game but with new characters and maps.

    Hell no i wont buy that game. In fact i wont play L4D 1 anymore.

    And this list is not stupid. I know that they wont achieve anything by this boycott. But now Valve at least knows how their 17 000 consumers think about it.

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