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    Maya Project 2 texture error, please help!

    I was doing project 2 of the Maya Fundamentals, and between video 24 and 25 in Advanced Shaders I closed down Maya. Now I can no longer see the textures of my ship, it's all white or gray.,KupBb
    Does anyone know how I can fix this?

    Also, when I reopened my hypershade with all the ship nodes and stuff it looked like this:,KupBb#1

    Any way I can hide all the uneccesary nodes I dont need?

    All and any help is appreciated

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    hi Darthshepius,
    I'm not sure but have you pressed the [6] key on your keyboard? (reveals the texture in the screen)
    but they should still be in the hypershade to assign to the ship, try a render.
    If not: save as it is, and open up a previous/ incremented version of the file.
    Let me know if this does not help?

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    In your Attribute Editor with the material visible scroll down to the Hardware Texturing roll out, change Textured Channel to Combined Textures and then back to Color to force a refresh.

    They show this in one of the vids near the start of that section (if memory serves)
    There is an exception to every rule, apart from this one.

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    Ah, thanks a million, man! That fixed the problem

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