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    Books about character rigging for maya?

    Hello. I need any good books out there about Character Rigging for maya. Thank you in advance.

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    Albeit this book being three years old, it does include a DVD, an seems to have pretty nice reviews, looked it up on Amazon for you:
    An Essential Introduction to Maya Character Rigging with DVD.

    Seems to be the only book that came up in the search related specifically towards that. It even looks like there's a Kindle version of that as well, but as always, if you go with the Kindle version, you won't have that DVD along with it.
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    Thank you. Any other? What I am asking is for really good books about the subject. The kind of books that professionals have on their bookshelves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krasnirex View Post
    The kind of books that professionals have on their bookshelves.
    Actually, this relates to something I was discussing just yesterday, but DO people still have a reference section at home, in these days of Google? I mean, I have several music theory books that cost an arm & a leg back in the day (as in £100 each) due to their niche target market (The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organisation isn't exactly mainstream... ).

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    Art of Rigging. There are 3 volumes.

    Before someone tries to be clever I am not referring to the one about ship rigging.
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    I would second The Art of Rigging as the best available for "standard" tools. For the experienced rigger there is Body Language by Allen and Murdock which contains some very useful information on specific tasks, but should not be read as a linear tutorial and is screaming out for a good editor.

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    The rigging dvd on 3dbuzz looks really good.

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    Don't limit yourself to just books. There are a few great resources that are videos. These are the resources I've learned from:

    Schliefer's DVD series
    Aaron Holly's DVD series (ie. Fahrenheit Digital)
    Inspired Rigging
    Art of Rigging (only the 1st book. The others are useless, IMO)

    Cyclopedia Anatomicae
    Anatomy of Movement

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