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I tried getting that through in a previous post and it didn't stick, hence my handout. I'm going to go out on a limb here... proper coding practices should be taught immediately, whether through handout or not. Why force every developer to learn EVERYTHING from trial and error? Sure, there are some things you should learn from trial and error... but, proper coding practices? You don't learn all of those through trial and error. Now that I've posted more than I intended...
I have to disagree with you here. Being an absolute beginner I'll tell you that it is THIS thinking from other training material and teachers that made learning so difficult for me. Looking back. I would do the same thing, when someone wants to learn something conceptually, I would approach it the proper way too. BUT! In this guys case, I agree with ZanQuance. Once I get in my mind a certain way of thinking, right or wrong, I won't follow an abrupt change from that mindset. Solving the problem at hand allows me to figure out that particular problem, which becomes a tool I can pull from on the next project. Having an arsenal of tools will allow you to approach a project from the proper method at its conception. But only experience will help with that, which we don't have yet. So its best to help us fix our problem from our level and point of view.

For me, this is why I think 3DBuzz succeeds where all others fail, and not just with programming. They make it clear we won't understand everything right away. Then they start with simple concepts, then we do projects based on those concepts. Then it builds in complexity in a structured way. Soon I start thinking and creating on my own based on those concepts. Eventually we'll get a chance to do something advanced where we pull from all the concepts at once and we may need a lesson on the proper way to approach it.

This work way better for me than being dumped in the deep end, saying "do it like this..."

Keep going 93_Confirmed. What you're doing is the only way I can learn.