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    Problem with Setting up wxWidgets

    So I decided to take a crack at GUI with C++ and tried to set up wxWidgets on my computer. After a while of searching for that setup.h file that they worked with in the VTM I searched for an answer here and found out that it VC++ 2008 didn't support iwxWidgets.

    After another hour of searching for VC++ 2005 and unable to find a copy, I realized that I had it already installed on my computer. Now my only problem is that I have a newer copy than anyone else who had problems here(or so it seems). I have watched StealtherCoder's video on how to set it up(in the Thread of Information) and I don't have the the VC file that his setup header file is in. I looked around the files and found it in a different folder
    C:\Program Files\wxWidgets-2.8.9\include\wx\univ
    So after that lengthy intro I have three questions.

    1. Will that affect how I use wxWidgets?
    2. Also, when I find that file in its directory I don't have the option to open it in VC++ 2005, I have to open VC and open it from within there.
    3. For both VC++ 2005, 2008, and Code::Blocks I couldn't build the program. In Code Blocks it simply said that there was nothing to build and in VC the build button was grayed out. If anyone could give me an answer to any of the questions or point me in the right direction I'll really appreciate it.

    I'm going to check this thread regularly for another couple of hours and then won't be able to check it until about 4 o'clock (Buzz Time).
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    wxWidgets can be used in 2008; I'm currently working on VTM 4 using MS VC++ 2008 Enterprise Edition. It is a hassle getting it up and running, but I just wanted to let you know that it will work. I'm about to go to work, but if nobody's answered this by the time I get home, I'll see what I can do.

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    If you take a look in the thread of information there is a bit about wxWidgets.
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    Another thing to keep in mind, is that the reason StealthCoder made those videos, is because people were having problems installing the latest version of wxWidgets. It isn't the version of Visual Studio. In the videos they use 2.5.3 and you are using the newer version (2.8.9).

    If I remember correctly, your setup.h appears after the files are converted from VC++ 6 to the version you are using. It will appear in:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\wxWidgets-2.8.9\lib\vc_lib\mswd\wx
    (it will depend on where you installed it to, that's my directory though)

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