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    As Buzz states several times Hyperion is just an advanced "hello world" program. You dont need to understand everything as it will all be explained in due detail in later videos.

    after Hyperion all aspects of the C# language will be run through, with knowledge reviews you need to solve for yourself if possible.

    So just follow the rest of the videos, and you should start from square 1 (again) and be taken through each part in detail
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    Look at it this way... if you ever think you know already a lot, simply try one of the knowledge reviews.
    If you can solve them great, if not, boom!

    Perfect revelation on how much you didn't know and best part? How much you will learn from Buzz and Logan.

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    I just tried one of the 'knowledge reviews'. I loved it. It really pushed me to think. Wish there would be more of it in some of the other training videos.
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    If there is something that's really bugging you, that you can't seem to understand, I would go back and watch that video, but don't try to understand everything perfectly, It will be explained later on

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