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    insanity its very nice in the fall

    help please!!! need artistic talent...

    shwokay so i downloaded macromedia flash proffesional 8 free for 30 days(important im squeezed for time) and i want to know if i like flash(which i do) problem is i cant find any good totourials(not downloading spellchecker leave me alone xD) and another thing is it has to be so an a.d.h.d. person can pay attention and a dysgraphic (nerological dissorder) can actually acomplish this daunting task!! too all ppl who made it through this rant... plz help bento is confuzzeled... again.well thats bout it... the time...thingy ends on january 3rd. kthnxbye
    p.s. if there is something on this site leave me alone...a.d.h.d. for the win!!!
    carpe nocturm!!!( yes i will change it eventually)

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    Flash is now at version 10 (CS4), why not download the trial of that one?
    A quick search of google will yield and amazing amount of links to flash tutorials.

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