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    New Game

    it started out as a simple game but became quite complex because after I finished it people wanted more and more so the game became more and more complex I remembered buzz3d because I was in the contest for unreal in 2004, the make something contest I made The Hell Wagon and Pony Pacer if anyone remembered downloading them. anyway I love 3dbuzz and remembered I saw some math vtms that might help me.

    so here is the game give me some feed back on it Thanks

    for all you gamers here is another good site to learn from for free with free code and videos

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    cool game, but.
    It is unclear what I am meant to be doing.
    I put all the fuel things in and the rocket gets into space and then a new rocket is available, does this mean I succeeded?
    When on the last rocket, the number of cells is not displayed.
    What do the blue, red and yellow bars on the left mean?

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