So, up till this point (excluding the fact that the new version of wxWidgets was incompatible with the VTM) everything has been mostly fine, but now I've run into another error that I can't quite fix. The program won't load bitmaps when I try. That is, it says that it can't find the bitmap file, and asks me to check the .rc file, which doesn't exist. It gives me the error when I try to move the mouse over the window to draw the bitmap I made.

This is the code that I have:

void MainFrame::OnMotion( wxMouseEvent &event )
	wxPoint mousePos = event.GetPosition();

	wxClientDC dest(paintWindow);
	wxString myImage(_T("smallBMP.bmp"));

	wxBitmap myBitmap(myImage);

	//dest.DrawBitmap(myBitmap, mousePos, false);

	dest.SetPen(wxPen(wxColour(255, 255, 255)));
	dest.SetBrush(wxBrush(wxColour(65, 34, 76)));
	dest.DrawCircle(mousePos, 10);
I'd really appreciate help, if possible.