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    c++/direct x video tutorials

    so yeah i was browsing youtube for some direct x stuff for the orignal xbox when i found this

    basicaly this guy from the uk started a directx(using c++) video tutorial series on youtube

    he started about 2 weeks ago and has 16 videos up (basic stuff but still good for a beginer)

    so yeah hope you guys enjoy

    if you dont know c++ you can always check channel which he has about 10 hours of video tutorials for beginers on c++

    if this is too much considering as advertisment im sorry i was just spreading the video's around
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    I havent watched them all but he sure doesnt sound from the UK, not by saying "ant-I" and "Zee" .. :P I got a little bored 3/4 through the first video, but, it does sound like it could be a good alternative source for beginners, nothing beats buzz though.
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    I really hate youtube tutorials. Since youtube limits the amount of time the user has pre-video. The user can never get into detail on why this function is here, or why is he/she is doing what he/she is doing. It's alot like this.

    "Hey heres my work, see that function? google it and find out for your self!"...

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    He splits them into multiple parts, and goes into enough detail.
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