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    A puzzle test UT2004

    Hi all. I've made a basic puzzle room with box movers and I was hoping people would test it for me and give me some feedback on whether its too hard or easy. I just want to see if this is a good idea for a puzzle within a level.

    The idea is you're in a room full of bookcases and some of them can be moved sideways. You need to move them in a correct order to get to the hidden cupboard behind one of the bookcases.

    Its nothing fancy and I know there are alot of technical issues with it such as the movers can collide with eachother and they move back to their original position after a bit. If I go ahead with this idea I'll use triggers and sort out the colliding movers but I just want to test the idea for now.
    So give it a go and let me know what you think

    p.s I know you can double jump over the bookcases to get to the last one but no cheating please lol. Also you might have to hit the movers a couple of times to get them to move they seem to be a bit slow.
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