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    Animation Resources - links to help you learn the art.

    I have been wanting to learn more on animation so I have been researching it online and thought I would share these sites. I put this in the lounge for now since it really relates to any application.

    Principles of Animation
    Principles of Animation: Toy Story - examples of the use of the Principles at work in Toy story. With clips.
    Principles of Traditional Animation Applied to 3D Computer Animation
    Tricks to Animating Characters with a Computer
    The Principles of Animation by Bill Salisbury
    Applying the 12 Principles to 3D Animation - Direct Link To PDF
    The Fundamental Principles of Animation - Another Direct Link To PDF
    Body Language in Animations

    Awesome blogs/sites on the subject
    The amazing Animation Archive - just browse around there is a lot of cool stuff.
    Frank and Ollie - 2 of the nine made a great site.
    Animation Meat - notes from great animators, model sheets, templates, practice exercises, and more.
    Carlos Baena - He also has an insanely useful links page.
    Animation Resource Center - great site with a directory of links in every category to tutorials to help you learn.
    The Spline Doctors
    Shawn Kelly
    Keith Lango
    Victor Navone
    Cameron "flip" Fielding - great tips and tricks.
    Thinking Animation
    Kevin Koch
    Eric Sheur

    Awesome places for tutorials
    Larry's Toon Institute also here.
    Jason Ryan Animation - Some awesome stuff under Ramp ups.
    Keith Lango
    Victor Navone's Tutorials
    Angry Animator - bouncing ball, walk cycle, lip synch (dialog)
    Animation Mentor Free Webinars - on many subjects.
    Cartoonster features a collection of fun and interactive tutorials which teach children and young people how to create their own animations!

    Places to enter in awesome contests to practice your new found skills
    the 11 second club

    Misc. other places of note.
    the animation podcast

    Also if you have any sites/blogs you would like me to add on the subject please let me know.
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