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    Scientists to clone Mammoths and Saber Tooth Tigers

    Didn't they already Try this. I seem to recall that the results were.....Disastrous.

    Hit Play on this before you read the rest of the story. It'll help set the mood.

    Apparently, genetic scientist Teruhiko Wakayama hasn't read Jurassic Park, as he is working to create technology to clone mammoths, sabertooth tigers, giant deers, and steppe lions from frozen genetic material. The DNA in cells subjected to permafrost gets extremely damaged, making it impossible to use for cloning. Until now, that is, because Wakayama and his team of researchers used new technology to successfully clone a healthy mouse from a carcass that was frozen for 16 years at -4 ºF. Now he's saying that a mammoth is possible, opening the door to the realization of the Pleistocene Park, a project that seeks to create a sanctuary with those animals and more in northern Siberia:

    There are many technical challenges involved in resurrecting a mammoth, but we have shown that the nuclear transfer method can be used to create healthy clones, even when the animal’s cells have been damaged by permafrost-like conditions.
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    I remember hearing the mammoth story. They were going to inject a normal pregnant elephant with some mammoth dna or something and keep doing that till you had an almost 100% mammoth.
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    Isn't cloning illegal?

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    I can see some practical 3D Buzz applications but do we, should we, risk more than one Zak?

    Ya had to see it coming.

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    Quote Originally Posted by t3po7re5 View Post
    Isn't cloning illegal?
    I'm pretty sure it's just illegal to clone humans.

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    Well good thing I'm not human.
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    Well either way.. What a great movie.. Gonna have to go dust off the old Videos..
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    Quote Originally Posted by lordliquid View Post
    Well either way.. What a great movie.. Gonna have to go dust off the old Videos..
    Or you can hit up youtube for the full movie (helped me since i only had a VHS copy):
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    And again I say "have scientists not learned the lessons of their sci-fi movie counterparts?!"
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