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    Plugins / Max Scripts & Max Systems (UPDATES 08-17-09)

    Welcome to the world of new and improved stickies. I'm hoping if they're more organized more people will actually use them.

    I have obviously not included every plugin, or max system in this post.. as there are too many plugs etc. to list... (I will be adding more shortly) but I have included some useful free plugs and ones that I feel are the cream of the crop so to speak.

    If you have a plugin, script or link you think should be added... PM me with the thread title in your subject line.

    Or post a question comment etc. in the RESPONSE THREAD here:

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    RANDOM PLUGS (submitted by:crazyrumer) NEW
    I believe all the tutorials are linked to the main page.
    Basically it is ultimate unwrapping tool.

    The website structure is same as for Unwrella, though I didn't try it.
    Says it is for scene baking.

    From description on the website looks like stripped down unwrella.

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    Tutorials Reactor Basics Reactor Basics 2 Reactor Basics 3 Cloth Cloth Rigid bodies Wake in water Wheel Reactor Rope & Keyframe Animation
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    Tutorials Particle Flow Tools Freebies Introduction to particles Particles floating on surfaces Particle Manipulation Velocity/speed events Delete Particle Selections Initial State

    And many more tutorials from Allan McKay here:
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    MAX SCRIPT LINKS / 80 or so FREE Macroscripts in 1 zip for Max NEW AND AWESOME (submitted by: fatgav)

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    Official FumeFX product page
    FumeFX page on Turbosquid
    FumeFX Essentials training DVD by Allan Mckay

    Allan Mckay's intro to FFX tutorial - Direct link to avi download
    More tutorial links served up by Allan Mckay on CGTalk < Great > - Web tutorial that creates a basic fire & smoke in FFX. Good for beginners
    Decent tutorial that shows how to make a car bomb in FFX (Thanks Rico!) More of an Intro to Fume FX Decent Tutorial Decent Tutorial for Explosion More Alan McKay More Alan McKay More Alan McKay More Alan McKay
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    All Free Plugs Below available here:
    Occlusion Pass Generator
    This utilty plugin will generate Occlusion Passes with one click.
    Mirror Image
    This Render Effect will mirror the rendered image (RGBA) and optionally mirror the Z, G and Material ID buffers.
    Noise Loop
    This plugin provides a Loopable Noise Controller.
    This plugin provides MaxScript access to the PC Speaker for playing Beeps.
    This Render Effect plugin provides the ability to adjust saturation level of the image and optionally specify the saturation level of objects based on their G-Buffer ID.
    This plugin material uses the Smoothing Groups associated with a mesh to assign a sub-material. Useful addition/alternative to Multi/Sub Object Selection.

    MAX2AE 250$
    is a full featured plugin for 3ds MAX (6, 7, 8, 9, 2008 and 2009) and higher that bridges the gap between MAX and After Effects (6.5, 7.0 and CS3). Finally an easy, accurate and highly efficient way to integrate After Effects elements into your MAX renders, matching all aspects and parameters of Max cameras, lights and objects.

    __________________________________________________ ___________________________________

    Vehicle Studio 1.7 Car and Truck Edition
    Vehicle Studio 1.7 Car and Truck Editionis the easiest and fastest way to animate scenes with cars and trucks in 3D Studio MAX 6, 7, 8 and 9. As demonstrated in the movie "Sin City," the results are extremely realistic.

    Tutorials & Demo's

    Chess4thestupid's Note: As far as I understand this plugin's developer newplugins inc. has ceased to exist... but the plugin is still available from Normally I wouldn't include abandoned software.. but this one works so well it's still worth mentioning.

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    VRAY Tutorials all on one page
    * A Basic Guide to Photon Maps in VRay - by Vlado
    * Aversis - Basic VRay tutorials
    * Caustics basics - Great introduction to VRay caustics by XYZ designs
    * Caustics tutorial for VRay 1.09.03r - Video tutorial by Indigooo
    * Creating V-Ray displacement maps from hi poly tiling geometry - Tutorial from Pixelab
    * Displacement Bricks in VRay - by Tim Jones
    * Faking dispersion in VRay - How to fake dispersion with shellac, by Sveen Brooke
    * Free VRay video tutorials - 5 free video tutorials for Vray from Evermotion
    * Gnomonology VRay - Very high quality VRay tutorial(s?)
    * Hyperfocal Design VRay HDRI Tutorial - Paco Morales, in conjunction with Hyperfocal Design and Vismasters, has created this in depth HDRI tutorial for users of VRay.
    * Linda's VRay lighting tutorial - Great VRay tutorial at 3Dtotal
    * Making of Batman Statue - Tutorial by Stanislav KlabĂ­k describing the modeling, V-Ray materials and V-Ray rendering of his Batman Statue image.
    * Making of Dodge Challenger - Denis 'Brooks' Syplenko details how he created the Dodge Challenger
    * Making of Mini Taxi - Waleed Abdeen details how he created the Mini Taxi image.
    * Making of the "Bathroom Scene" by Joshua Staub - tutorial on
    * Making of The Death of a Bird - Rami Hamid details how he created his The Death of a Bird image
    * Making of Time is Running - 3ds Max + V-Ray tutorial by Jan K. Vollmer on CG-India.
    * Study Hall - Interior lighting tutorial
    * Vlado optimizes the Flipside Scene - Great tutorial
    * VRay Absorption Tutorial - Richard Rosenman's tutorial on how to create an SSS like effect with absorption
    * VRay and Dreamscape Sky - Roy Constantino shows how to use VRay GI, Vray Reflection and Refraction with Dreamscape Sky
    * VRay Displacement Tutorial - By Marko Mandaric
    * VRay Elite - Learning resource for the VRay rendering engine
    * VRay material sub-surface effects - by Vlado More Tutorials Gamma Correction Tutorial Architectural Visualization with HDRI Skies and Vray and VRAY Books and DVDs Vray Materials

    Great tool for explosions... similar to blastcode.

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