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    Tutorials and Reference Links


    Last Update: 25 Sep 2008

    Welcome to the Tutorial Links sticky! This thread is loosely based on the old tutorial request stickies. If you are interested in the old stickies they can be found here and here .
    Unfortunately both stickies have started to accumulate more and more dead links, so I have decided to start a fresh new thread. As with any of the new stickies this thread will remain closed in order to keep things more cleanly. Not to worry though, you can still respond to this sticky. Found a cool tutorial you want to add to the list? Got a dead link to report? Want to comment on a specific link covered in this sticky?
    Go here

    __________________________________________________ ________________________
    3ds Max Documentation : Official Autodesk Documentation
    3ds Max 2008 Tutorials : Official Autodesk Tutorials

    __________________________________________________ ________________________
    CG Talk : 2d, 3d, Illustration, Drawing, Painting, you name it. This is where many industry professionals hang out
    Autodesk - Area : The official Autodesk site that deals with anything Maya, Max, Motionbuilder, and VIZ
    3d Palace : Similar to the Buzz this site offers forum discussions and tutorials dealing with CG, the main focus being on machines and mechs
    Highend 3d : Being one of the oldest 3d sites it offers tons of tutorials, plug-ins, Max scripts, shaders etc.
    Renderosity Art Community : Tutorials, Links, news, reviews all dealing with CG
    3dTotal : Tutorials, links, forums all dealing with 3d
    CG Arena : Another Cg community with forums, tutorials, job listings etc.
    CG Arena : Cg community with video training material, forums, tutorials, podcasts, interviews etc.
    CG Arena : Formerly known as 3dkingdom, this site offers tutorials, articles, forums and podcasts etc.
    3d LUVR : Forums, Tutorials, Articles, Contests etc.
    Evermotion : Forums, Tutorials, Articles, Training DVDs etc.
    TDT 3d : French CG community with English tutorials on 3ds Max, requires forum registration

    __________________________________________________ ________________________
    3dnuts: Beginner Tutorials covering basics of modeling and shading
    Subdivision Modeling : This forum thread discusses modeling techniques: Edge Flow and Topology
    Mental Images Extra Documentation : Some detailed add on information about Mental Ray by their makers
    My Mental Ray : Forum, Tutorials, shaders all dealing with Mental Ray
    Animation Arena: Articles on 2d and 3d Animations
    Scriptspot : 3d script community with Max scripts and tutorials

    __________________________________________________ ________________________
    Allan McKay: Tutorials on Particle Flow
    Neil Blevins – Animator : Tutorials on Shaders, Materials and Lighting
    Michael Comet: Tutorials on Modeling and Animations
    Ben Mathis – Freelance Artist : Tutorials on Modeling and Texturing
    Carlos Baena- Animator: Tutorials on Animation Principles
    Leigh van der Byl – Visual FX Artist : Useful tutorials on texturing and general CG topics
    Keith Lango – 2d/3d Animator : Animation tutorials by Keith Lango available in about 200 million different languages
    __________________________________________________ ________________________
    Making Of Hell Yeah! by Vaclav Krivanek
    Making Of Roundeye Dragon by Cheong Hoe Yi
    Making Of The Death of a Bird by Rami Hamid
    Making Of Trip to the Souk by Andrzej Sykut
    Queen by Jordan Walker
    Hellgate’s Hunter by Alessandro Baldasseroni

    __________________________________________________ ________________________
    Autodesk Resources: List of Links from Autodesk
    CG Resources : A large collection of links dealing with CG, written by Neil Blevins and being updated regularly
    Subdivision Modeling Links : List of links and tutorials
    CG Arena Links: Website links at CG Arena]
    Mental Ray Links : German Mental Ray Wiki with tons of links
    3dBuzz Links thread : The older Tutorial Links thread by JakobG : Danish CG community with a large database on Max tutorial links
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