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    Jaggys when zoomed further away

    I have weird effects if I am not zoomed in close enough

    It doesnt effect anything, it just doent look good, and it bothers me

    How do I fix it so it looks better from a further distance.

    It is my bathroom, I just have some place holders in right now until I start modeling individual parts

    jaggys.jpg is original problem, zoomed out and zoomed in

    jaggys2.jpg is a fix i guess ive found, I created a new perspective camera
    I cant quite tell why that fixed it, any suggestions so I know in the future what setting it is?

    ive isolated the problem setting
    Near Clip Plane was set too low, It was at .001 and I set it to .100 and it fixed all problems, I played with it, and I think if you set it too soon, it cuts into the camera lens itself? I dont know
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    Hey thanks a lot for the solution. I actually had the same problem but didn't really bother to check it out as it didn't disturb me. However when taking wireframe shots in the perspective view that will be a problem and thanks to you I can get rid of those nasty gliches.

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    I normally find that ( depending what OS you are using at the time, Linux seems better at handling the lower numbers, than Windows or Mac) that you shouldnt drop the Near clipping plane below .010

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