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    Introduction and Rules

    Welcome to the Maya forum.

    This is the place where you can discuss anything related to Maya.
    Modeling, texturing, animating, lighting, dynamics, MEL scripting, pretty much anything goes.

    In addition you may also post questions that are related to either “Mastering Maya: The Fundamentals” or “Mastering Maya: Advanced Modeling”. The old class rooms have shut down and will no longer be used.


    IF you are a student of Mastering Maya: Advanced Digital Production, this is NOT the place to post your questions, but this place is.
    IF you have a work in progress that you would like to show, this is NOT the place to post pictures, but this place is.
    IF you have purchased Mastering Maya: The Fundamentals or Mastering Maya: Advanced Modeling and you are looking for the additional files you can get them here. The MM:AM HUD script can be found here.
    IF you are new to the Maya forums I would kindly ask you to read the following rules before posting:


    Things you may NOT talk about:
    - NO Profanity. We are trying to keep this forum professional, so please refrain from using harsh language. Also mind that minors have free access to this site.
    - NO political, religious, sexual, racist or any form of discriminatory remarks
    - NO Piracy. 3dBuzz has zero tolerance for this and will ban users who talk warez on the forums.

    Things to consider before you start posting:
    - HAVE I read the Maya FAQ?
    - HAVE I read the other stickies?
    - HAVE I used the SEARCH function?

    Things to consider when asking questions:
    - Use descriptive thread titles. “Help, n00b!” carries little information on what your problem might be and other forum users may just not bother to read your thread at all.
    - A picture can tell a thousand words. Include screenshots or images that can illustrate your problem. Often times it will make it a lot easier for others to comprehend your situation.
    - 3dBuzz is not a free modeler recruiting station. In the past we have had many people asking to have their projects completed by others. I won’t stop you from asking for modelers willing to join your newest opensource game project. Just be aware that you are more likely to end up as subject of open ridicule than actually finding people that will work for free for somebody they don’t know.


    You may have noticed that the stickies are closed and that you are unable to post in them.

    Do you have a bug report that hasn’t been covered in the Troubleshooting Guide? Do you know of a cool site that is missing in the links section? Do you have a question on one of the beginner tutorials?

    If you would like to post a question or comment regarding a sticky, simply create a new thread with a descriptive title like “FAQ question:” or “Links to Books: suggestion”.

    In the past the stickies have been open for discussions and they always ended up being a mass of clutter and chaos with pages of posts to wade through. By keeping the stickies closed we can ensure that they remain neat and tidy, while you can ask questions in the forum.

    With all that said I hope you enjoy the Maya forums. If you have any thoughts, ideas or questions don’t hesitate to PM me.

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