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    Free MEL Scripts and Character Rigs


    Ok, bascialy im starting this thread so everyone can give character animation a try. So what i'm doing here is compiling a list of character rigs so you dont have to go searching for them. I know not many people here are into character animation, but maybe this wil get some of ya started

    EDIT by Count Zero: The old thread can be found here

    Help file:



    IK JOE V3:
    Help file:

    IK JANE:
    RIG SET 6 (gattling gun; a funky missile; a missile launcher; hover ship)

    RIG SET 4 (Dog, like Men in Black; Praying Mantis type character)

    RIG SET 5 (Robotic Dragon; Boxy Panther; Spaceship type bot)

    RIG SET 3 (Ninja; Blobby character)

    RIG SET 7 (fantasy woman)

    RIG SET 11 (Cyborg)

    RIG SET 2 (Funny zombie man; Scorpian; Zombie Child)

    RIG SET 1 (Beetle; Walker type character)

    RIG SET 8 (Muscular Comic Girl)

    RIG SET 10 (Khanklesaur-massive disnosaur like creature)

    RIG SET 9 (Tahoro-Ork type character)

    RIG SET 12 (Mecha Girl-Same as comic girl, but with Massive guns as arms)
    GENERI (fully animatable character-excellent facial controls and just about your normal character rig with an excellent UI. More with the help documents)

    Help files:
    COLLECTION OF VARIOUS RIGS Including: Devil-A fantasy dragon;Noodle-Cartoony rig; Chip-A large male; MooM-Simple but cool rig; ntMonkey-Awesome monkey rig; Fred-Basic male rig; Elvis-The name says it all(looks like elvis); Monkey-Basic monkey rig; Flour Sack-Yep, just a flour sack; Bloke-Cool little character rig; Alfred-Cool full body character rig; Lowman-Lowman base rig with blendshapes; Frank-Character with massive muscles; Primoboy-Character rig with triggers; BasicGuy-Simple yet cool character rig
    PJLHOGAN General kind of rig with good controls that would work in most types of animations. Is a humanoid character.
    SERGIO Humanoid character with squash and stretch, and good facial controls and a bunch of other stuff. It's still in beta as i type this, and the rig is not scalable as of yet but it is still being worked on so check the forums often! ( )
    CHIP Chip is a free character rig for for Maya 7 and above. Feel free to animate and use him for whatever means, as long as it is for non-profit purposes of course. Check out the link for further details!

    lizardj on
    Teddy "a simply cartoony setup with stretchy limbs/spine and a bone-based facial rig."

    MWarsame on
    Stickman Inspired by 'Stickman battles' and 'Stickman on crack' I decided to model and rig him. He/She is very simple.

    Version 1.0.0 * Maya 7+ * Shape Change * Smooth Control* Scalable* IK only

    If there are any rigs you want me to add, or look up, then just say so
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