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    Links to Books, Tutorials, and Reference Material


    Last Update: 14 July 2008

    Hey guys,
    After having re-read the Tutorial Links thread by JakobG I realized that it contains a lot of dead links. Wading through tons of posts with broken links in order to find helpful links is more of a nuisance than any help at all, so I though I’d write an update. It doesn’t look like JakobG is around at 3dBuzz anymore, so I hope he’ll forgive me for hijacking his thread. Ben has agreed to swap this new thread with the old sticky and re-attach the old posts (if that is possible). That way I can take control and update the links thread on a regular basis. Credits still go out to Jakob for creating this thread; I have imported all the links that he posted and that still work.

    Please report any dead links to me and I will remove them.


    General CG Websites
    CG Talk : 2d, 3d, Illustration, Drawing, Painting, you name it. This is where many industry professionals hang out
    Autodesk - Area : The official Autodesk site that deals with anything Maya, Max, Motionbuilder, and VIZ
    3d Palace : Similar to the Buzz this site offers forum discussions and tutorials dealing with CG, the main focus being on machines and mechs
    Highend 3d : Being one of the oldest 3d sites it offers tons of tutorials, plug-ins, Mel scripts, shaders etc.
    Learning Maya : Great collection of free tutorials, as well as also great but not so free books and DVDs
    Renderosity Art Community : Tutorials, Links, news, reviews all dealing with CG
    3dTotal : Tutorials, links, forums all dealing with 3d
    CG Arena : Another Cg community with forums, tutorials, job listings etc.
    Digital Tutors : Free tutorials dealing with Maya, XSI, ZBrush, Mudbox, Photoshop, etc.
    Simply Maya : Training videos on Maya, some are free, some aren’t

    CG Websites dealing with specific topics

    Game Artist : Online Community for Videogame Artists
    CG Cars : Online community that deals with – you guessed it – cars
    CG Textures : Great collection of free textures and tutorials dealing with Texturing
    Warpcat’s MEL Wiki : Code examples and How-to’s for MEL scripting, by Warpcat, Technical Artist at EA : Amazing resource on anything that deals with game development
    Animation Artist : Tutorials on Animation and Post Production Work
    Elfwood : resource on pre-production work dealing mostly with fantasy art

    Tutorials by CG artists, 3d Buzz community members, and people you might have never heard of before
    Alex Alvarez – 3d Artist : Free Tutorials by the founder of the Gnomon Workshop and one of the true masters of Maya
    Steven Stahlberg – CG Artist : Tutorials and essays by the one and only: Steven Stahlberg
    Carlos Baena – Co-founder of Animation Mentor. Great Resource site
    Leigh van der Byl – Visual FX Artist : Useful tutorials on texturing and general CG topics
    William Kladis – Visual Effects Artist : Small but great selection of video tutorials
    Neil Blevins – Animator : Currently Technical Director at Pixar this guy has some very well written tutorials
    Bryan Ewert’s MEL & API site : Finally, it’s back online. The number one MEL resource site
    Subdivision Modeling : This link will take you to a specific thread at; a great read.
    Mike Harris – Technial Director at Walt Disney : Also known as DezFX here at the Buzz Mike has a great collection of Mel scripts and tutorials
    Andrew Whitehurst – CG Artist : collection of tutorials written by Andrew Whitehurst, Senior Director at Double Negative
    Karsten Kolve – Visual FX Artist : Mel scripts and tuturials
    Maximilian Schönherr – Artist, Radio Host: tutorials on Maya in English and German
    Keith Lango – 2d/3d Animator : Animation tutorials by Keith Lango available in about 200 million different languages
    Mike Brown – Animator/Illustrator : Tutorials on animation and illustration
    Allan McKay – Visual FX Artist : Video tutorials on Expressions
    Krishnamurti Martins Costa – 3d Character Artist: Maya, ZBrush, and Photoshop tutorials
    Marek Denko – CG Artist : Making OF and project overviews
    Toni Bratincevic – 3d Artist: Lighting tutorials on Global Illumination techniques
    Lollylan – 3dBuzz Member

    Getting mental about finding resources on Mental Ray?
    Mental Images Extra Documentation : Some detailed add on information about Mental Ray by their makers
    My Mental Ray : Forum, Tutorials, shaders all dealing with Mental Ray
    Mr Materials: Free Mental Ray materials and shader repository
    Los Angeles Mental Ray User Group : Online community with forums and mailing lists
    Master Zap’s blog : Collection of tips on Mental Ray
    David Johnson’s blog : Tips and tutorials
    Andrew Weidenheimmer’s blog : More tips, specifically on lighting with Mental Ray

    Interesting Blogs from industry gurus
    Alex Alvarez
    Håkan "Master Zap" Andersson
    Bobby "Boom" Beck
    Mark Behm
    Ronnie del Carmen
    Enrico Casarosa
    Daniel Gregoire
    David Johnson
    Clay Kaytis
    Hamish McKenzie
    Keith Lango
    Robin Mitchell
    Doron Meir
    Victor Navone
    Alex Orrelle
    Ken Perlin
    Jeff Patton
    Matthew Russell
    Tom Saville
    Matt Williames

    Pixar Blogspot
    The Disney Blog
    Spline Doctors
    The Business of Animation: A Commentary

    Showcase your work
    CG Society : Create your own CG Portfolio for free
    Deviant Art : A website to showcase and discuss art

    Link collections (Links to links to links to links…)
    CG Resources : A large collection of links dealing with CG, written by Neil Blevins and being updated regularly
    Subdivision Modeling Links : List of links and tutorials
    Pat’s Maya Resources : List of tutorials by 3dBuzz Member Spe199
    CG Arena Links: Website links at CG Arena]
    Mental Ray Links : German Mental Ray Wiki with tons of links
    3dBuzz Links thread : The older Tutorial Links thread by JakobG
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    Welcome to the Book Discussion thread. If you are looking for the old sticky list you can find the thread here.

    Purpose of this thread is to list books that are related to Maya and CG in general. I am not telling you which books are good and which are bad; I leave that task to the community. The sticky itself will remain closed in order to keep it manageable, but you are welcome to discuss the books in the Maya forum. In fact, I encourage you to do so. Feel free to discuss, criticize and rant at your own leisure.
    You can always PM me if you have any questions or know any books that you think ought to be added to the list.

    Subject Centre for Information and Computer Sciences

    Safari – Books Online
    Inform IT
    Morgan Kaufmann
    Charles River Media
    Ballistic Publishing

    Since there are so many official books (dating back all the way to version 1) I will just list the most recent publications. In order to keep the list short I have omitted author and publisher information. The publisher for official training books on Maya is usually Sybex.

    Learning Autodesk Maya 2008: Foundation
    Publication Date 2007-09-24
    Paperback - 632 Pages, ISBN 1897177429

    The Art of Maya: An Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics
    Publication Date 2007-04-30
    Paperback - 256 Pages, ISBN 189717747X

    Learning Autodesk Maya 2008: The Modeling and Animation Handbook
    Publication Date: September 2007
    Paperback - 608 Pages, ISBN 1897177380

    Learning Autodesk Maya 2008: The Special Effects Handbook
    Publication Date 2007-10-29
    Paperback - 651 Pages, ISBN 1897177399

    Maya Hyper-Realistic Creature Creation 2nd Edition
    Publication Date: April 2008
    Paperback - 256 pages, ISBN: 978-1-897177-48-8

    3D Tools for Photographers, Illustrators and Graphic Designers
    Publication Date: August 2006
    Paperback - 352 pages, ISBN: 978-1-897177-05-1

    Learning Autodesk Maya 8: Foundation
    Publication Date 2006-08-28
    Paperback - 640 Pages, ISBN 189717733X

    Discover the Game with Alias
    Publication Date: November 2005
    Paperback - 297 pages, ISBN: 978-1-897177-10-5

    Mastering Unreal 3 Technology: A Beginner's Guide to Level Design in Unreal Engine 3 by Jason Busby, Zak Parrish and Jeff Wilson
    Publisher: Sams, December 2008
    Paperback – 800 pages, ISBN-10: 0672329913

    Mastering Unreal Technology: The Art of Level Design by Jason Busby, Zak Parrish and Joel VanEenwyk
    Publisher: Sams, December 2004
    Paperback - 984 pages, ISBN-10: 0-672-32692-2

    Maya Secrets of the Pros by John Kundert-Gibbs
    Publisher: Sybex, August 2002
    Paperback - 366 pages, ISBN: 978-0-7821-4055-2

    Maya Secrets of the Pros, 2nd Edition by John Kundert-Gibbs and Dariush Derakhshani
    Publisher: Sybex, March 2005
    Paperback - 279 pages, ISBN: 978-0-7821-4345-4

    Introduction to 3D Graphics & Animation Using Maya by Adam Watkins
    Publisher: Charles River Media, April 2006
    Paperback - 464 Pages, ISBN 1584504854

    d'artiste: Character Modeling by Francisco A. Cortina , Pascal Blanch and Steven Stahlberg
    Publisher: Ballistic Publishing, July 2005
    Paperback - 192 pages, ISBN-10: 1921002115

    d'artiste: Character Modeling 2 by Kevin Lanning , Timur Baysal and Zack Petroc
    Publisher: Ballistic Publishing, 2007
    Paperback - 192 pages, ISBN-10: 1921002352

    Game Character Development by Antony Ward
    Publisher: Course Technology PTR, May 2008
    Paperback – 213 pages, ISBN-10: 1598634658

    Stop Staring: Facial Modeling and Animation Done Right, 2nd Edition by Jason Osipa
    Publisher: Sybex, May 2007
    Paperback - 368 Pages, ISBN: 978-0-471-78920-8

    The Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams
    Publisher: Faber and Faber, January 2002
    Paperback – 352 Pages, ISBN-10: 0571202284

    Maya 3D Animation for Everyone by Roger King
    Publisher: Charles River Media, April 2006
    Paperback - 350 Pages, ISBN 1584504706

    Digital Character Animation 3 by George Maestri
    Publisher: New Riders Press, April 2006
    Paperback - 320 Pages, ISBN-10: 0321376005

    Animation: From Script to Screen by Shamus Culhane
    Publisher: St. Martin's Griffinedia, August 1990
    Paperback - 336 Pages, ISBN-10: 0312050526

    The Animation Book by Kit Laybourne
    Publisher: Three Rivers Press, December 1998
    Paperback - 448 Pages, ISBN-10: 0517886022

    Creating 3-D Animation by Peter Lord and Brian Sibley
    Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, November 2004
    Hardcover - 224 pages, ISBN-10: 0810949717

    Digital Lighting and Rendering (2nd Edition) by Jeremy Birn
    Publisher: New Riders, May 2006
    Paperback – 432 pages, ISBN-10: 0321316312

    Mental ray for Maya, 3ds Max, and XSI by Boaz Livny
    Publisher: Sybex, December 2007
    Paperback - 740 pages, ISBN: 978-0-470-00854-6

    Painting With Light by John Alton
    Publisher: University of California Press, May 1995 (originally in 1949)
    Paperback - 191 pages, ISBN-10: 0520089499

    Advanced Maya Texturing and Lighting, 2nd Edition by Lee Lanier
    Publisher: Sybex, August 2008
    Paperback - 496 pages, ISBN-10: 0470292733

    The Art of Rigging – Volume 1, 2, and 3
    Publication Date: June 2005
    Publisher: CGToolkit

    Body Language: Advanced 3D Character Rigging by Eric Allen and Kelly L. Murdock
    Publisher: Sybex, May 2008
    Paperback - 395 pages, ISBN-10: 0470173874

    Maya Visual Effects: The Innovator's Guide by Eric Keller
    Publisher: Sybex, March 2007
    Paperback - 350 pages, ISBN-10: 047011133X

    MEL Scripting for Maya Animators, 2nd Edition by Mark R. Wilkins and Chris Kazmier
    Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann, July 2005
    Paperback - 552 Pages, ISBN 0120887932

    Complete Maya Programming. An Extensive Guide to MEL and C++ API by David Gould
    Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann, December 2002
    Paperback - 528 pages, ISBN-10: 1558608354

    Complete Maya Programming, Vol. II: An In-Depth Guide to 3D Fundamentals, Geometry, and Modeling by David Gould
    Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann, June 2005
    Paperback - 744 pages, ISBN-10: 0120884828

    Emotions Revealed : Recognizing Faces and Feelings … by Paul Ekman
    Publisher: Holt Paperbacks, March 2004
    Paperback - 304 pages, ISBN-10: 080507516X

    Facial Expressions: A Visual Reference for Artists by Mark Simon
    Publisher: Watson-Guptill, June 2005
    Paperback - 256 pages, ISBN-10: 0823016714

    The Human Figure in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge
    Publisher: Dover Publications, June 1955
    Hardcover - 390 pages, ISBN-10: 0486202046

    Animals in Motion by Eadweard Muybridge
    Publisher: Dover Publications, June 1, 1957
    Hardcover - 416 pages, ISBN-10: 0486202038

    Paper Dreams: The Art And Artists Of Disney Storyboards by John Canemaker
    Publisher: Disney Editions, October 2006
    Hardcover - 288 pages, ISBN-10: 0786863072

    Cartoon Animation by Preston Blair
    Publisher: Walter Foster, January 1994
    Paperback - 144 pages, ISBN-10: 1560100842

    The Animator's Workbook by Tony White
    Publisher: Watson-Guptill, September 1988
    Paperback - 160 pages, ISBN-10: 0823002292

    Color - Messages & Meanings
    Author: Leatrice Eiseman
    Publisher: Hand Books Press, November 2006
    Paperback - 144 pages, ISBN-10: 0971401063

    Color Harmony 2: A Guide to Creative Color Combinations by Bride M Whelan
    Publisher: Rockport Publishers, September 1994
    Paperback - 160 pages, ISBN-10: 1564960668


    Andrew Loomis Drawing Books. Free to download!

    Dynamic Drawing Series by Burne Hogarth
    Dynamic Light and Shade Watson-Guptill, September 1991, ISBN-10: 0823015815
    Dynamic Figure Drawing Watson-Guptill, August 1996, ISBN-10: 0823015777
    Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery Watson-Guptill, October 1995, ISBN-10: 0823015874
    Drawing the Human Head Watson-Guptill, February 1989, ISBN-10: 0823013766
    Dynamic Anatomy Watson-Guptill, May 2003, ISBN-10: 0823015521
    Drawing Dynamic Hands Watson-Guptill, April 1988, ISBN-10: 0823013685

    Drawing Series by Jack Hamm
    Drawing the Head and Figure Perigee Trade, January 1982, ISBN-10: 0399507914
    Drawing Scenery Perigee Trade, September 1988, ISBN-10: 0399508066
    Cartooning the Head and Figure Perigee Trade, November 1986, ISBN-10: 0399508031
    How to draw Animals Perigee Trade, January 1983, ISBN-10: 0399508023

    An Atlas of Anatomy for Artists by by Fritz Schider
    Publisher: Dover Publications, June 1957
    Paperback - 192 pages, ISBN-10: 0486202410

    Atlas of Human Anatomy by Stephen Rogers Peck
    Publisher: Oxford University Press, February 1982
    Paperback - 288 pages, ISBN-10: 0195030958

    Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards
    Publisher: Tarcher, October 2002
    Spiral-bound - 160 pages, ISBN-10: 1585421952
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    A majority of these links were researched by Jen, so credits go to her for having done an awesome job. If you are looking for the old link thread created by Jen, you can find it HERE.

    Would you like to help improve this link list?
    PM me if you know of any links that could be added to this list.
    Report any dead links to me, so I can remove them from the list.

    Star Trek Phaser Images

    Phaser Imageplane 1
    Phaser Imageplane 2
    More Star Trek Phaser reference can be collected HERE

    Star Wars AT-AT Images

    Get the Blueprints here!

    More AT-AT reference:

    Star Wars AT-ST Images

    Get the Blueprints here!

    More AT-ST reference:

    MM: The Fundamentals Reference
    MM:TF Additional Files
    Earth Textures

    MM: Advanced Modeling Reference
    MM:AM Additional Files
    HUD Script
    Lamborghini Cars – The Forum : Sign up and get access to all the Murcielago photos you could ever wish to have.
    Various Socom Images: 1 2 3 4 5
    Socom clay renders by Benmcl
    Images of an Airsoft Socom

    Brands of the World: Corporate Logos and such
    3dm3 Blueprints Catalog
    Google Patent Search

    Anatomy and Character Reference (may contain nudity) – Human Photo Reference
    Human Anatomy Pictures for Artists
    Human Anatomy Pictures for Artists
    Nude people under water
    Celebrity Mugshots
    Andrew Loomis Drawing Books

    Animation Reference
    ASIFA – Hollywood Animation Archive
    Animation Meat : Animation Model Sheets

    Star Trek Reference
    LCARS Blueprints Database
    Ship Schematics
    More Ship Schematics
    Star Trek Props

    Star Wars Reference
    Ralph McQuarrie Concept Art
    Ralph McQuarrie: The StarWars portfolio
    Ryan Church Concept Art
    Star Wars Model Kit Gallery
    Star Wars Props

    Automotive Blueprints and Reference
    3dm3 Car Blueprints
    Car Blueprints
    3d Center : Russian site with lots of car blueprints
    SMCars : Requires registration to view images

    Comics and Anime Reference
    Anime Model Sheets
    Anime Character Reference Sheets

    Photography Reference
    The international photo community
    Morgue File – Public Image Reference Archive
    Free Photos Bank
    Free Stock Photos
    Image After – Photo Archive

    CG Textures
    Texture Archive
    NvidiaTransmogrifyingTextures Vol. I
    Texture King – Free Stock Textures
    Image After – Texture Archive
    Area - Autodesk
    Simply Maya – Free Texture Archive
    ShareCG Textures
    Texture collection by Jason Welsh

    HDRI Images
    High Resolution:

    Low Resolution:

    Warhawk Enterprises : Mechwarrior / BattleTech Reference
    Starship Schematics Database
    Sky Corner – Virtual Aviation Reference
    SciFi Blueprints
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