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Thread: Extrude Issue?

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    Extrude Issue?

    When I make an extrusion instead of Maya just pulling the faces I have selected it pulls all the inside edges too? Has anyone ever seen Maya do this before? It wasn't doing it when I started, it just started happening????? In the picture I just extruded the edge of the cylinder and this is what I got. (a bunch of extra polys that I don't need. Please HELP.
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    Make sure Keep Faces Together is activated in the options for the tool. If it is, then you have zero-area faces in between each extruded face. You can fix this by merging the relevant vertices around each face, or using the Cleanup operation.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hard to tell from the picture what your problem actually is. I'd guess you accidently selected some faces you didn't mean to. Remember, Maya always selects through your object unless you turn on Backface Culling.
    This isn't a big deal though. Simply delete the faces you don't need.
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    Activate Contruction History (should be a small icon with a red X if its turned off)

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