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    All I can say is thank you for confirming what I suspected already. I have the exact same issue on my latest two comps (Maya 8.5, radeon hd 3850 and mobility x1600) although I have currently been unsuccessful in finding the right drivers. My IT friend was starting to think it couldnt be video drivers, but they also noted that everytime we uninstalled the video drivers, the display settings for my comp stayed somewhat the same.

    A couple other notes, my laptop with the x1600 card didnt do that until I updated the video drivers, but I had been placing objects into referenced display layers to get around the issue for awhile (maybe someone could do that if you dont have an insane number of objects in your scene).

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    Thanks for the info Seijiro. I will add this to the "Read this" thread. That thread is in need of an update anyway.
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