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  • Windows Only

    19 41.30%
  • Non-Windows Only (i.e. Linux, Mac OS X, etc...)

    4 8.70%
  • Cross Platform (i.e. both Windows and Linux)

    23 50.00%
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    I currently develop the following.

    c# Windows apps, to aid with day to day sysadmin (and mucking about with the windows mobile sdk)

    c++ linux apps, serving as part of a large web application.
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    I usualy code in C#/C++.
    and when i do, i usualy chose among these.

    Eclipse with gcc/g++/MinGw for multiplatform.
    Anjuta with gcc/g++ and MonoDevelop with Mono if it is only needed on Linux, unix and so on.
    Visual Studio C++/C# for windows only projects.

    I try as far as i can to make it platform independant using WxWidgets, SDL and so on.

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    i usually develop under windows using vs and then port the stuff over to gcc (which in most cases simply means writing a makefile, since i know the differences between both compilers quite well by now and don't use proprietary libraries a lot).

    i found it very healthy for the code to be developed on diffferent compilers, since every compiler has its own style and warnings etc.
    as long as you don't succumb to the almighty #ifdef, going cross-platform will certainly enhance code quality.

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    I have answered windows as I predominantly write windows code, I have and can do Linux coding too but dont tend to.
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    I predominantly write c++ windows based applications however i have done some Linux programming only under the guides of buzz in regards to wxwidgets as my preferred api for GUI development as it works in both windows and Linux and is easier to manipulate over the win32 api and i have found that using opengl made much more sense to me over direct x and when it come to php that’s all Linux ideally i would like to make cross platform applications but which to stay as far a way from the java language as possible simply because i had a bad experience of 12 months of 8 hour lectures on the language and not much development under that course talk about a queer for insomniacs there lol, basicaly they only talked about constructing a bank system and book libiary projects in a console application and i had the thurst to make a GUI application not just console applications.

    cheers crusty

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    Depends. I'm currently coding C# with SlimDX so I have restricted myself to windows for the time being. For larger projects that has other than educational value I will be coding it will C#/++ and OpenGL, I believe. That can change, however. I'll always keep other platforms in mind.

    I have to vote windows only due to owensd's last remark.
    I didn't mean to do it.

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