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Thread: Hints and tips

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    you can simulate duplicate packets, lag ,packet loss, in netplay

    useing thesse command lines

    PKTDUP= tells the engine to simulate duplicate packets {value is a percentage, up to 100}

    PKTLAG= tells the engine to simulate lag in netplay {value is in milliseconds}

    PKTLOSS= tells the engine to simulate packet loss in netplay for testing (value is a percentage, up to 100)

    for instance

    C:\UT2004\System\UT2004.exe -PKTLOSS=68

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    but u can never drive it its just a karma vehicle actually u just have to be on a slope to get the bulldog moving.

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    Heres something about dodging for ut2004/ut2003

    Dodges are quiet simple, you just need to press a button 2 times in the same direction at a fast pace. But First You Need To Enable Dodging. First Go To UT2003/UT2004-->Settings-->Input-->Then you should see a unchecked box called dodging/dodge either one, (i forgot really ) Click on it, make sure its check so its enabled.

    So now, go into a game, and press forward 2 times really fast, you will go far forward! You can add a jump to the dodge, by pressing forward 2 times and then pressing your jump key. Have Fun!

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