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    The Photoshop FAQ

    It would be great to see some more activity in the Photoshop forum section and I thought I’d just start with an FAQ thread. I am no professional Photoshop user, so I could really use some help on this one. If you can think of any questions that should be on this list, post them here and I’ll add them (if you know the answer, too, go ahead and post that as well). I will update the thread as often as possible.



    Last Update: 23 Nov 2007

    How do I navigate quicker in Photoshop?
    Fit on screen: Double click on Hand Tool OR press CTRL+‘0’
    Actual pixels: Double click on Zoom Tool OR press ALT+CTRL+’0’
    Use hand tool on the fly: Hold down spacebar
    Use Move tool on the fly: Hold down CTRL
    Zoom in: Hold down spacebar+CTRL OR press CTRL+’+’
    Zoom out: Hold down spacebar+ALT OR press CTRL+’-‘

    How do I create tileable, seamless textures?
    - Go to Filter->Other->Offset and offset your image vertically and horizontally by approximately half the image size (e.g. if your image size is 1024x1024 offset if by 512 pixel).
    - The image is now seamless at the edges but you also have two crossing seems going through the center of your image. Use the Clone Stamp Tool to carefully erase the seams

    How can I create guides on the fly?
    Press CTRL+’r’ to display rulers. Click drag from either the left or top ruler into the picture to create a guide.

    How do I delete single guides?
    Switch to the Move tool (‘v’) and Click drag the ruler back to the ruler until it disappears.

    How can I line up my guides in the exact center of my image?
    Using the ruler: Use the crop tool to cover the entire image, don’t crop but drag the guides into the center and you will notice that they snap to crop center
    Using new guide: Go to View->New Guide and under position type “50%”. Do this for both vertical and horizontal.

    How do I turn the background layer into a normal layer?
    Press CTRL+’j’ to duplicate layer and delete background OR simply rename the background layer

    How do I select all visible pixels in a layer without selecting the entire layer?
    Hold down CTRL and click on the layer.

    How do I change the red color of my quick mask?
    Double click on the “Quick Mask Mode” button in the Tools Palette and a Quick Mask Options Window will pop up. Here you can change the mask color, mask opacity, and whether the color indicates masking or unmasking.

    How do I permanently turn on the hidden menus?
    Go to Edit->Menus and turn on visibility for all menus. If you change the set to “Photoshop Defaults” it should usually make all menus visible automatically.

    How can I turn a photo into a drawing?
    1. Desaturate the photo by using Image->Adjustments->Desaturate
    2. Copy the desaturated layer by pressing CTRL+’j’
    3. Inverse the colors of the top layer (the one which you just copied) by pressing CTRL+’i’
    4. In the Layer Palette set the blending mode of the top layer to “Color Dodge” (The lighting of both layers should cancel each other out, hence giving you a white image)
    5. Apply a Gaussian Blur to the top layer; the greater the amount of blur, the darker the lines and shadows will turn out.
    6. Use the Burn and Dodge tool (‘o’) on the top layer to adjust the image to your liking

    How can I pan the view with a maximized window of my document?
    Hit the ‘f’ button to switch to a full screen view

    My tablet pen has lost its pressure sensitivity, how do I fix it?
    - Exit Photoshop
    - Go to the Photoshop Settings folder (usually found under c:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USER_NAME\Application Data\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Adobe Photoshop CS3 Settings) and delete the Adobe Photoshop CS3 Prefs.psp file
    - Restart Photoshop
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