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    A 1 week challenge! ** closed **


    DO NOT: (like I need to tell you)
    Copy someone elses efforts (even if its public domain) or use their knowledge to help you
    Post code, links, questions, ideas about the challenge

    JOIN IN! Its rather pointless to try and encourage you if no one bothers to take part.. even if its not the type of app you would be interested in - Personally, I dont do games.. so you really have no idea how little interest I have in these challenges, but I would still do it.

    If you're finding it an easy challenge, PM for how you can make it "more interesting"

    What are you going to make?

    The game of life

    1. Any live cell with fewer than two live neighbours dies, as if by loneliness.
    2. Any live cell with more than three live neighbours dies, as if by overcrowding.
    3. Any live cell with two or three live neighbours lives, unchanged, to the next generation.
    4. Any dead cell with exactly three live neighbours comes to life.
    5. Any cell must be no bigger than 5x5 pixels, and obviously can be as small as 1x1 but must show.
    6. Must have a variable cycle span from 20ms through to 1000ms which the user picks.
    7. Must have a minimum grid of 50x50 and a maximum of 1280x1024

    Eg: A little history can be read here

    You have till wednesday 12 midday (GMT) eg 24th Oct.

    PM me with your questions, and links to code.
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