The main point of the db challenge was to see if it woke people up and made them more interested, as for example, Im no games coder, so, while making flee and snakes and ladders, life and all the rest of it, is doable, its not something that Id probably put heart and soul in, or if I was a lurker entice me out of the shadows, but Ive tried various things to see if I can find something to wake them and well they are like stone statues.. They maybe there, but there is no life or movement. The sign at the bottom says "Whens the next vtm?"

With the db challenge there was a lot people could have done within the scope - such as auto update the last visit date on launch, maybe even investigated tying it into IE, so it tested the URLs gone to and updated it if it were in the db, or have an "add to watch list" or something on the toolbar..

Making it prettier was just an excuse so that there really wasnt a person alive who even with no delphi experience couldnt have tried..

The view counts on posts show people are lurking, but if they all remain silent an cant be counted, and maybe "dont have the time" what inspires us to continue stand there trying to give ideas and advice when all we see is nothing?