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    need help>>

    hello everyone .....

    I have made a website programmed by PHP using (mysql db). the site serves the customer and at the end it will print a bill to the customer .

    by the way , my headmaster has made a program on his PC programmed by visual basic using (access db) .

    So what I need to know is how can I insert the data of the bill from my site to his program database dynamicly which stand alone on his PC (of course he is always online)?

    please help me for solving my problem .... I need your experience and thnx a lot really.

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    Please elaborate further your problem.


    Your problem seem interesting to me. Fortunately I am working on the same sort of Software but in my case I have to download only the latest inventory list. The technique I applied to overcome this problem is that I made a page in the site which when called (including date as input variable) lists all the products/offers (introduced after that supplied date). My program then internally opens the page and get all the data into a temp file and consequently intot the target database. This approach is a bit slower but I think it will work fine for me. Get it if this idea pings you.

    You can call the page on the basis of bill number or some other unique identifier. Let me know if I can help you in any matter.


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