Hi! I don't know if this is the right section to post this but here it goes.

I have a Joystick and wanted to use it to control a camera in the scene. Well I went to the Motion tab and set the XYZ Position and Rotation tracks to Motion Capture, chose joystick from the stack and assigned the intended keys to each position and rotation track (also ajusted some parameters). Then went to the Utilities tab and selected Motion Capture, then Test.

It worked and I had LOTS of fun playing around with!

well....... then I realized something... if you rotate the cam 180º the XY coords still point in the same direction, so what it means is the kyes get "inverted" and you'll have to press right for the cam go left, back to go foward and vice versa.

I played around with the settings and got nothing

If someone knows a way around to get this working I would be REALLY greatfull!!

PS: This thing is really awsome and helps a LOT navigating through the scene and camera animation with ease. You can also use it to animate other objects (eg. chopers or jets!! )