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    #3DBuzz IRC Rules and Regulations

    Thanks for joining the 3D Buzz IRC channel. We try to maintain a professional and relaxing learning environment for our users at all times. Below are the IRC rules and an overview of punishments for violations, as well as an outline of Operator conduct guidelines.

    If you have any questions concerning these rules or any concerns regarding the 3D Buzz IRC channel, please feel free to PM Zak Parrish (Chief of Operations) at Zak on

    IRC Chatroom Rules

    • No profanity.
    • No political discussion or commentary in the public chat room.
    • No sexual, racist, religious, or otherwise discriminatory slurs or remarks whatsoever.
    • No discussion of illegal topics (i.e. drugs/narcotics).
    • No discussion of any type of piracy, including but not limited to software, films, music, or other intellectual property.
    • Though not strictly prohibited, we would appreciate if conversations would be conducted in English.
    • No spamming the channel.
    • No soliciting of any kind.
    • No IRC Bots.

    IRC Punishment Guidelines

    If a user is found in violation of these rules, they are eligible to receive the following punishments, in this order:

    First Violation: Warning from an Operators
    Second Violation: Second Warning from an Operator
    Third Violation: Ban from the channel for 1 hour
    Fourth Violation: Operator’s discretion with possible permanent ban from

    Extreme Violations: In the case of an extreme or malicious violation, we trust our Operators to exercise their discretion in terms of punishment. You may not like their decisions and may not agree with their tactics, but they have this job because we trust them to do the right thing.

    Aside from that, have a great time! Also, keep in mind that we may have to add rules to this list from time to time, and that by using the IRC you’ve agreed not only to these rules, but also to any that have to be added in the future.

    To the Ops,

    We here at 3D Buzz trust you folks to uphold the rules and to make sure that the friendly environment is maintained. We appreciate your efforts, and ask that you remain professional in terms of your conduct and decisions on the channel. Remember that your actions reflect on 3D Buzz and what we do. You’re more or less the security guards of this club. Have fun, chat it up with the locals, and enjoy yourselves, but remember the responsibility of being an Op and that it’s completely voluntary. If you have any questions regarding a particular situation, or if there’s any way I can help you out, don’t hesitate to let me know via PM and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    If it’s an emergency regarding a user and I’m not around (I do sleep sometimes, and my schedule prohibits me from spending much time on the IRC), then simply tell the problematic user(s) that they may PM me if they have any concerns, and then place them under a 24-hour ban on my authority and kick them off the channel. Then, compile some logs of the problem (please don’t go overboard; I hate digging through tons of logs) and PM them to me along with a quick description of the situation. I’ll get back with you the next time I check my PMs and we’ll get the whole thing settled. This should be considered an emergency tactic only, and used only in cases where the standard rules and punishments are not applicable.

    Finally, I know first hand that being able to occasionally poke people with your Kick Stick can be fun at times. As long as everyone is having a good time, then it’s fine with me. However, I’m asking you to remember not to abuse your powers. The IRC can be a very fun place, and I have no problem with the Ops joining in on the fun and joking around. However, your Op powers are provided for you to help uphold the rules, not for your own amusement.


    These rules may be changed at any time without notice.
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    3D Buzz Introduction and FAQ

    Welcome to the 3D BuZZ Question and Answer page!


    Revision: May 08, 2008
    Author: Micro3D

    This thread does not support open posting, and is locked to prevent this activity.

    Thank you for visiting the 3D BuZZ Question and Answer page. This is a revised version of the original page posted on the forum in March 2002. Since so many things have changed since the original posting we thought it best to enter a revised version that covers current issues and remove past issues that no longer apply to this site.

    This thread has been created for the sole purpose of answering as many questions as possible about everything you need to know as a customer regarding purchasing and shipping procedures of your 3D BuZZ products, donations, and sponsorships.

    If you find you have a question that has no answer in this thread please feel free to contact Zak Parrish, 3D Buzz’s Chief of Operations via PM (Personal Message), with the user name Zak. You may also post the question in a separate thread and someone such as an Administrator or Moderator may be able to reply to it.

    To contact Zak, simply click on the words “Private Messages” located at the upper right side of the Home Page just above the Member Sponsor banner. Under Control Panel select Send New Message. In the recipients name box type Zak. In the Title box include a respectable title. Type the desired message in the large white text box, when finished; click the Submit Message button under the text box, and then click Yes when the Read Receipt dialog appears. That’s all there is to it.

    All of us here at 3D BuZZ would like to thank you for stopping by and we welcome each and every one of you to our site. Our goal has always been to provide the most in depth and comprehensive video training available on the internet, and we work very hard to accomplish this purpose. We want you to have a pleasant learning experience. Please read this page in it’s entirety before contacting anyone with a question.

    Thank you, and Welcome to 3D BuZZ!

    Purchasing Procedures

    Q: Wait a minute; I thought all this was supposed to be free?

    A: In the past it was free, and we kept it free as long as we could, but 3D BuZZ has grown a lot over the years and we were unable to maintain our original policies. Originally, the companies that create the 3D software (Autodesk, Softimage, etc.) were intended to sponsor the site, actually covering the cost of video production so that the videos could be free to the users. This business model proved to be a failure, as more and more users simply downloaded every video we had and then left, meaning that companies were disinclined to sponsor our efforts. We have since had to switch over to a more commercial format. We hope you can understand the situation. We still offer free videos, you can view over a hundred hours of content on a variety of subjects.

    Q: What is for sale at 3D Buzz?

    A: There are two ways to find out. One way is to click on the banners located at the top of selected pages. The other way is to click the button named Training>Training Products from the Menu Bar on any Page.

    Q: If I’m planning on purchasing something, should I register in the Store?

    A: Registration in the Store is optional, though it is recommended that you do. You can register or log into the Store in the Authentication window, located on the right side of the main Store page. This is the area allows you to access your account information, and will keep you informed of all your orders and their current status. You must first register your name and password before you will be able to log in. NOTE: You must be registered on as well when you purchase a member sponsorship.

    Q: What is Video Encoding?

    A: Once your identity and payment information is validated, your name and address will be encoded in the form of a watermark and placed on the videos you order. This is a non removable security device we use to ensure our products are not being distributed randomly on web sites such as Kazaa, Imesh, and other similar sites.

    This security procedure also protects your property because your name is on it. Since people don’t like their identity known they will be less inclined to distribute their videos inappropriately that belong to us by Copyright. This watermark is discrete and not obstructive, yet large enough to identify the purchaser of that particular copy.

    Q: Have there been concerns about whose name ends up encoded on the videos?

    A: We have had concerns in the past about validating information. It is critical we can validate this information because of Copyright laws and piracy. If you are purchasing the videos then your name and address will appear on the watermark. We hope you can understand why this is necessary, and why we are unable to reverse our decision.

    Q: What if I am buying a video for someone else as a gift?

    A: This has happened before and we do make exceptions under certain conditions. Spouses with the same last name of course, and parents that purchase content for their children can request their spouse’s or child’s name to appear on the videos instead.

    Q: What are acceptable payment methods?

    A: We have several payment options available. Payments can be made by Credit Card, Personal Check(US Only), and PayPal. Do NOT send cash. We no longer accept cash as an option.

    Q: Where are these payments sent and how are products shipped?

    A: Please send payments to the following address:

    Attn: Angela Busby
    3D Buzz
    210 Eastwood Drive
    Dickson, TN 37055

    For shipping questions please refer to the Shipping Procedures section of this page.

    Q: Do I have to use the online Store to purchase products?

    A: Yes. Using the online store gives us a record of your purchase so we can easily assist you. If paying by Check or Money Order please make sure you include your name, username, and Order ID # on the check itself, or this can delay the processing of your order. Please allow 48 hours for us to process your order after payment is received.

    Please make sure you read the Terms and Agreement section on the online store page.

    Q: What is a Member Sponsor?

    A: Member Sponsorship is a service we offer to our users, allowing access to many hours of exclusive video content, as well as many other benefits. Membership fees in the amount of $35.00 (USD) monthly help us pay for the Servers, Bandwidth bills, Maintenance, Equipment, and a variety of other expenses that without the help we might not be able to do alone.

    Q: How does being a Member Sponsor separate me from those who are not?

    A: There are many goodies that come with being a Member Sponsor. This is not the place to list them all, but we gladly invite you to visit our Member Sponsor Information page. One of the several ways we show our appreciation is by giving you access to many, many hours of video downloads that you can have for free once you become a sponsor. That’s right, FREE!

    You don’t have to take our word for it though. Just go in the forums and ask any of the hundreds of sponsors that already support our site.

    Q: Is there a time requirement for being a Member Sponsor?

    A: No. You can purchase a sponsorship by the month, quarterly, semi annually, or annually. Getting added to the sponsor security group is not automatic. We have to add your details into our system manually so this can take a couple days to get started. You will receive all the time you pay for.

    Shipping Procedures

    Q: How are the products I purchase shipped out?

    A: All products sold are shipped United States Postal Service (USPS). For residents living within the United States orders are shipped (USPS) Priority with a signature requirement. In some cases a restricted signature is required.

    Orders outside the United States are shipped in one of two ways. The first way is (USPS) Global Priority for countries that endorse this method. The second way is (USPS) air mail. This method can take up to two weeks or longer to arrive at its destination.

    Customs may also hold the package for inspection. Please make the necessary inquires.

    Q: What type packaging is used to ship my products?

    A: Currently all the C++ videos are shipped in jewel cases and bubble wrapped inside Priority envelopes. The DVD case videos are also bubble wrapped.

    Q: My package arrived damaged, what do I do?

    A: We at 3D BuZZ take every precaution we can to avoid this from happening, but we have no control over the packages once they are shipped. We understand this sort of thing happens from time to time and apologize for any inconvenience this causes you personally. If the product itself is damaged please contact Angela in a professional manner and we will make it right. We stand behind every product we sell.

    Q: What security measures are taken to protect my investment?

    A: Each package shipped has a tracking number. You should receive a confirmation email containing this number when your product is shipped. This can be used to trace your package if it’s lost during shipping by either contacting your local Post Office or visiting If you live within the United States you can call the national number at 1-800-275-8777.

    A signature is also required when the package arrives to ensure you are the one that receives it. If you are not home at the time the package is delivered, it should be sent to your local Post Office where it can be signed for and picked up. The Postal Carrier should leave some type of notification on your door to inform you they were there. If the package is not picked up from the Post Office within 7 business days the package will be returned to 3D BuZZ and you will be responsible for further shipping costs. This is a standard USPS policy. International deliveries may vary.

    Q: How long will my package take to ship?

    A: In the USA most packages arrive at their destination within 2 business days of being shipped. For residents outside the USA please allow a week or more for delivery. If the package is not received within 14 business days, and the tracking number won’t provide help please contact Angela and she will look into it promptly.

    Q: Where can I have my product shipped?

    A: Your product will be shipped to your home address. We do not ship to Post Office Boxes or Universities.

    Q: Is there anywhere you won’t ship your products?

    A: We do not ship to countries that don’t enforce International Copyright laws, or have been known to illegally distribute our content such as (China, India, Pakistan, Iran, ect). Please look into this carefully before placing an order. If this is something that would pertain to your specific situation contact Angela before sending any payments.

    Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at our current FAQ page. This page will be updated and revised as our policies change.


    Forum Rules:

    Hello everyone,

    in this thread we'd like to lay out some rules and tips for the entire 3DBuzz community. It might be a long read, but it would nice if everyone could keep these things in the back of their head while being active on 3DBuzz


    We have, more than once, noticed that members are mirroring VTMs on their own webservers, free and Member Sponsor VTMs. But I'd just like to remind everyone that sharing/hosting/mirroring VTM files is IN NO WAY allowed.

    This hurts the site in many ways. For instance, Buzz no longer has accurate statistics and he also loses control over who gets their VTMs and when. If people start distributing Buzz' VTMs (or sections thereof) publically Buzz will have NO CHOICE but to SHUT DOWN the site.

    Sure it might not seem like much if one person starts doing it. But one plus one plus one adds up. Not to mention that Buzz is one man and look how much a difference he makes, YOU CAN'T UNDERESTIMATE HOW MUCH DAMAGE ONE MEMBER CAN DO.

    I know everyone here enjoys the VTMs and Buzz's training (why else be here, eh?) So please, don't hurt the site. DON'T MIRROR BUZZ'S FILES!


    Now, as I'm sure you all know, Jason Busby works 21/7 (yes 21 hours a day 7 days a week) to provide the absolute best 3d training available anywhere. A large portion of his training is available free, and the quantity that isn't is STILL provided cheaper than most competitors. I'm sure you'll agree when I say that Buzz's training is second to none. Likewise, I'm sure you'll all agree that Buzz asks for very little in return.

    For instance, he asks that you don't complain over the wait because serving quality training to over 145 THOUSAND people takes time. Finally, he requests that if you want to say thanks, do so by supporting the community with your knowledge or questions, or by signing up as a Member Sponsor. And as a whole, the 3DBuzz community tends to do all this with minimal complaints.

    However, in the hoopla of everything that goes on in 3DBuzz there is one request that is often forgotten. Basically, Buzz asks that we respect that there are a lot of minors that visit, and keep a professional attitude in any location on the site. There are a ton of 3D community figureheads that visit the site - many who even I don't know about. But the ones I do know about come from big comanies like Autodesk, Capcom, 3D World Mag, and *insert other names here*.

    Plus there have been complaints about it. Now, I know what you're thinking "with 240,000+ people someone is bound to complain". But there have been numerous complaints - from respected members and moderators. And to top it all off, we've had several key figures leave the site because of this problem. So, in order to keep 3DBuzz viewed as the honorable and awesome, site it is. I request the following:
    • Please try to avoid derogatory terms and cursing (this includes trying to hide cursing by masking a single letter or two).
    • Please try to avoid subject matter that isn't appropriate for minors.
    • Please try to keep complaints between yourself and other members to private message and e-mail.
    • And finally, please try to stay a little on topic. The Lounge isn’t a place where you HAVE to talk about 3D, but don’t make dumb, spammy posts. No one gains anything from that.

    This applies to all threads, regardless of who starts it.

    Please understand, I'm not trying to start a "police state" here. I'm just trying to make the site enjoyable to everyone. If you have any questions about the rules feel free to PM me about it, or any of the other moderators. Thank you for your co-operation.

    But as far as etiquette is concerned. Finally, If you need to post something that has adult content. Say a (fe)male model you are modeling in the nude or something. Please provide a warning. (Preferably in bold.)


    After consulting with the moderators and members alike. A decision has been reached to ban political and theological discussion from these forums in the interest of the communities well being. Therefore all such threads will be deleted by the moderators.

    3dBuzz attracts members from around the world, people who come here out of the mutual interest and appreciation of 3d art. We are here as a community to help one another and grow. We leave our biases, politics and religious beliefs at the door because we have the desire to learn and improve our work as 3d artists in common.


    As originally posted by Zak (aka DarkViper338)

    Okay, guys, most (if not all) of you know that we do not allow politically-based threads in 3D Buzz. Up until now, this rule has not extended to signatures, as I was trying to give people just a little bit of room for self-expression. Nevertheless, after catching tremendous windfall from the signatures of those who use such freedoms to knock the chips off of their neighbor's shoulder, I'm going to have to extend the rule further.

    From this moment forth, you are no longer allowed to have signatures in your UserCP that are political or inflammatory in nature. This includes profanity, statements regarding religion, or discrimination. In the end, I suppose it only makes sense; we don't want you to post about such things in the first place, and your signature is tacked to the end of your every post.

    Most of you know who you are. Please get these changed so that I can finally stop receiving flak.


    No more ads in your signatures. Period. By all means, link to your portfolio or personal site that showcases your work. But don't advertise. And don't look for loopholes with things like, "Well, really IS my personal site!" It's there to sell stuff, isn't it? Then linking to it is advertising. End of story.

    So, simply put, if your signature contains commercial content intended as advertisement, we're going to remove it. Please don't put it back, or you may find yourself banned.


    • Be descriptive in your subject. More often than not if your subject says something like "Help Needed asap" or "Flash Newbie" people will stay away from the thread. If you can't be bothered to give a descriptive subject about your thread why should people spend the time to give a descriptive answer?
    • Give more information rather than less about your problem. Just because an avi file isn't playing doesn't mean the problem is with the file itself. Do you have the proper codec? Are you using a player the recogniz
      es the format? Did you install a new codec recently that could be conflicting with the existing one? Etc. The same goes with other applications and files. Some information that is often needed for problem is: (1) What software isn't working. (2) What version of the software are you using. (3) Have you installed and/or tweaked anything recently before the problem happened? (4) Do you have other applications that could be causing conflicts, like a firewall interfearing with your connection to IRC for example.
    • Don't type like a 8 year old AOL user. If you can't take the time to try writing in "normal" English, then why should people care about helping you with your trouble? Now I'm not saying to be meticulous and fix every single gramatical mistake and typo. I'm saying be reasonable "Y wnt teh VTM PLaY????????/ ]-[45 /\/\Y b0>< b33/\/ ]-[4><0r3d?!?!!!!11111//?????11!" likely won't get you an answer. I know English isn't the native tongue for every member of 3DBuzz, but there is a difference between language barriers and complete carelessness and laziness.
    • Check the program's help files before posting your trouble. Most answers can be found there for software help. The index in the back of the instruction book helps a lot too!
    • Google is your friend. Curious about what E3 or Siggraph is? Would you like to know where to download Gmax? Perhaps you'd want to know how Paint Shop Pro compares with Photoshop. All the above information, and much much more can be found on google.
    • Post things in the right forum. We have over 120 forums at so most of your questions can be placed into forums outside of the Lounge. Don't want to browse through each one? Fine. Use the forum jump feature to acquaint yourself with them.
    • Be patient. Sometiems you have to wait hours or even days for a response. If nobody replies, and people have viewed the topic, it isn't because they don't care - but rather have nothing to say about the issue (or at the very least nothing helpful). On that note, if you need help urgently it is likely because you left the work for the last minute. Bumping posts shouldn't be necessary in most cases.

    • Be descriptive in your answer. For example, if someone asks how they can configure IRC to join #3dbuzz very easily then don't say something like "You can do so through the options box and through IRC scripts." Actually spend the time to tell them how to do it, and what to type/where. If you are referring to a plug-in or codec of some sort then try to link to it.
    • If someone is asking for your commentary on a script, image, website, or whatever. Then saying "nice" or "I like it" doesn't tell them much. Try to be descriptive. Tell them what parts you liked the most, what you didn't like. Maybe even through in a suggestion to fix it if you know how.
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