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    #3DBuzz IRC Rules and Regulations

    Thanks for joining the 3D Buzz IRC channel. We try to maintain a professional and relaxing learning environment for our users at all times. Below are the IRC rules and an overview of punishments for violations, as well as an outline of Operator conduct guidelines.

    If you have any questions concerning these rules or any concerns regarding the 3D Buzz IRC channel, please feel free to PM Zak Parrish (Chief of Operations) at Zak on

    IRC Chatroom Rules

    • No profanity.
    • No political discussion or commentary in the public chat room.
    • No sexual, racist, religious, or otherwise discriminatory slurs or remarks whatsoever.
    • No discussion of illegal topics (i.e. drugs/narcotics).
    • No discussion of any type of piracy, including but not limited to software, films, music, or other intellectual property.
    • Though not strictly prohibited, we would appreciate if conversations would be conducted in English.
    • No spamming the channel.
    • No soliciting of any kind.
    • No IRC Bots.

    IRC Punishment Guidelines

    If a user is found in violation of these rules, they are eligible to receive the following punishments, in this order:

    First Violation: Warning from an Operators
    Second Violation: Second Warning from an Operator
    Third Violation: Ban from the channel for 1 hour
    Fourth Violation: Operator’s discretion with possible permanent ban from

    Extreme Violations: In the case of an extreme or malicious violation, we trust our Operators to exercise their discretion in terms of punishment. You may not like their decisions and may not agree with their tactics, but they have this job because we trust them to do the right thing.

    Aside from that, have a great time! Also, keep in mind that we may have to add rules to this list from time to time, and that by using the IRC you’ve agreed not only to these rules, but also to any that have to be added in the future.

    To the Ops,

    We here at 3D Buzz trust you folks to uphold the rules and to make sure that the friendly environment is maintained. We appreciate your efforts, and ask that you remain professional in terms of your conduct and decisions on the channel. Remember that your actions reflect on 3D Buzz and what we do. You’re more or less the security guards of this club. Have fun, chat it up with the locals, and enjoy yourselves, but remember the responsibility of being an Op and that it’s completely voluntary. If you have any questions regarding a particular situation, or if there’s any way I can help you out, don’t hesitate to let me know via PM and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

    If it’s an emergency regarding a user and I’m not around (I do sleep sometimes, and my schedule prohibits me from spending much time on the IRC), then simply tell the problematic user(s) that they may PM me if they have any concerns, and then place them under a 24-hour ban on my authority and kick them off the channel. Then, compile some logs of the problem (please don’t go overboard; I hate digging through tons of logs) and PM them to me along with a quick description of the situation. I’ll get back with you the next time I check my PMs and we’ll get the whole thing settled. This should be considered an emergency tactic only, and used only in cases where the standard rules and punishments are not applicable.

    Finally, I know first hand that being able to occasionally poke people with your Kick Stick can be fun at times. As long as everyone is having a good time, then it’s fine with me. However, I’m asking you to remember not to abuse your powers. The IRC can be a very fun place, and I have no problem with the Ops joining in on the fun and joking around. However, your Op powers are provided for you to help uphold the rules, not for your own amusement.


    These rules may be changed at any time without notice.
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