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    model source

    the model source file is released... It's for Max...

    I found a copy at fileplanet.. not sure if it's mirrored yet..

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    It's just under 10mb, and contains the player meshes attached to the character studio biped. No animations, so it's useful only if you're going to be using the existing skeletons. I know they're going to be releasing the PSA files soon which would mean you could easily assign animations to a custom model within Ued (instead of using some fancy uc scripts to extract the existing ones which is what I've been doing. )

    From the Readme:

    "This zip contains every character mesh that can be used in UT2003, including 3 skeletons (alien, human male and female) which are used for special effects like the Ion Cannon Blast.

    Files were created in 3d Studio Max R4 using Character studio for the rigging so you will need that in order to use them.

    If you plan on using these reference poses for your own characters and sharing the animations from UT2003 you'll need to remove the original meshes from the skeletons and replace them with your own. Make sure you unlink the weapon bone from the right hand before applying physique to your new meshes, and relink it before exporting with actorx.

    These meshes are provided without texture files in order to make your downloads a little easier. You can find the original source textures on your UT2003 extras cd if you'd like to reassign them to the models."

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