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    How are the new maps?

    Hi, i havnt got ut2003 yet, but hope to soonm.. any wyas i was just wondering how are the new maps? Are they big? i mostly play ctf.. are there any good ctf maps? and facing worlds2.. is that even better then it was beforE? whats changed in that?(posibley some screen shots? ) and is that slaughter house mapt hat i seen ibn one of the videos included in the game?(bunch of meats hanging every where,a nd every time u shoot one it would like swing..)
    I love the dmeo,and im getting sick of the map it comes with.. so New maps are a biggie for me right now

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    The only bad thing i heard about the maps that it lacks 1 VS 1 deathmatch maps that are small

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    Facing Worlds2 is an old UT1 map that has been out for a very long time. The one in 2k3 is Face3. And the look/feel has changed signifigantly, and most people who have played it around here don't like it anymore. It's just not a very good level anymore, too large and cluttered.

    Citadel however, more than makes up for the loss of a good Face level, it's a similar layout except for the multiple paths (which make it more interesting if you ask me). There's also CTF-Magma which is a very cool looking level, much in the style of Lava Giant.

    As for other maps, there are plenty of other good ones that come with the game, and lots of fun bombing run levels.


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    Hey cool, Thanx for replies.. now i cant wait to plau UT2003 full version.. >=)

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