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    Red face Material for a candle!


    I've modelled a candle using this tutorial:

    However since I don't got Maxwell I lack material for the candle, as well as the burning flame.

    So, does anyone know any good and suitable material for the white stearin of the candle? Or how to make one? (I'm no expert, so please explain slowly! )

    Also does anyone know any tutorial or how to make the flame for the candle?

    Btw. this is my first post here, hope I'm welcome.

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    According to the tutorial, it says that for the candle he used a SSS material (there are some SSS Material types you can use with Mental Ray that are built in and work quite well). As for the flame, it says "...this is the final effect composited in photoshop..." so he didn't make the flame CG, he just composited the image in when the render had finished.

    I'm not great with materials myself, but if you use one of the SSS materials (set your renderer to Mental Ray first, or the materials may not show up in your list) and play with the values a bit, you should get a pretty decent result.

    Hope that helps

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    Thnx for the reply. What I did was adding white material to the candle and black to the "rope", and then added the flame in photoshop. Since the candle is going to be a part of a bigger scene, the details are not that important so it worked out just nice!

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