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    Ortho Setup


    I need to get (OpenGL) ortho working... This is what I do to set it up..., well, this is practically the only thing I do but to draw:
    glViewport(0, 0, width, height);
    glOrtho(0, width, 0, height, -1, 1);
    -It seems to work at first, but something... just doesn't look right...
    -Everyrthing's stretched that's what!! Eeek!!

    It apears as if OpenGL thinks the window is a square (same width as height), but since the width is larger than the height everything apears stretched...
    And when I draw a square in just front of the "camera" it takes up the whole window's though it should end before the window's x-borders...

    Everything apears to work as it should exept that it is stretched.
    Does anyone know why this might happen?

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